10 Of The Very Best Comic Book Stores In London To Check Out

Whether you’re more into Marvel or DC or are wanting to find the next big thing in the comic book world, there’s ample opportunity in London Town to find what you’re looking for. So without further ado, here is our roundup of ten of the very best comic book stores in London for graphic novels, memorabilia and vintage comics:

1. Gosh! Comics

People walking past the Gosh! Comics store in Soho, London
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Kicking off this list of the best comic book stores in London is one of our beloved capital’s most famous. With over 30 years’ under their belts, the friendly team at the Gosh! Comics – smack-bang in the middle of Soho – certainly know their comic books, and it’s easy to while away your time here browsing at the various different magazines on offer.

Graphic novels are the speciality here, and they’re ‘always striving to source new and interesting products, whatever the genre’. They’ve got everything here from mainstream superhero comics – Marvel and DC we’re looking at you – to LGBTQ+ comics, limited editions and cutting-edge small press. Plus, they also hold regular events such as author signings to boot too.

You’ll find Gosh! Comics at 1 Berwick Street,, London, W1F 0DR. Nearest stations are Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. 

2. Mega City Comics

The exterior of Mega City Comics in Camden, London
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Another stalwart of the London comic shops scene, Mega City Comics is a neat little spot right in the heart of Camden Town. First established in the 1980s, it has a loyal fan base and is full to the brim with indie comics, graphic novels, t-shirts, toys and new small press releases.

The friendly four-strong team here also love a film tie-in, so keep your eyes peeled for some of the latest upcoming blockbusters to feature such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Thor: Love and Thunder and more.

You’ll find Mega City Comics at 18 Inverness Street, London, NW1 7HJ. Nearest station is Camden Town.

3. Forbidden Planet

The Manga shop and comic book shop Forbidden Planet in London
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Located on bustling Shaftesbury Avenue, the enormous Forbidden Palace is billed as a comic book ‘megastore’, and it’s easy to see why. This place sells every kind of comic book under the sun, covering everything from graphic arts and superheroes to light novels.

As well as the larger comic book publishers, they also sell some of the more obscure ones on the scene. In fact, they pretty much sell everything here – sci-fi books, DVDs, action figures, signed pictures and books, posters – you name it, it’s here!

You’ll find Forbidden Planet at 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR. Nearest station is Tottenham Court Road. 

4. Notting Hill Comic Exchange

This eclectic comic book shop offers a wide range of rare and hard-to-find used secondhand books, art and comics. As the name suggests, this is the spot to come if you’re looking to buy, sell and exchange your comic books.

You can opt to swap your comics for cash instead of exchanging them, but we don’t see why you would if you’re a comic book fan! They have everything here from ‘wilfully-forgotten Marvel team-ups to creator-owned gems of the independent publishing industry’, and there are more niche horror and sci-fi comics in store too. The Notting Hill Comic Exchange has also been knocking around since 1967, so they definitely know their stuff here!

You’ll find Notting Hill Comic Exchange at 32 Pembridge Road, London, W11 3HN. Nearest station is Notting Hill Gate. 

5. Raygun

This specialist comic book shop in Richmond stocks a humongous variety of different comics, from obscure Manga titles to beloved Marvel classics and everything in between.

 The staff at Raygun are also super welcoming and will be happy to give you recommendations on everything comic book related, and they also have a selection of weekly releases with everything from Hellblazer to Harley Quinn and everything in between.

You’ll find Raygun at 26 Red Lion Street, Richmond, TW9 1RW. Nearest station is Richmond. 

6. Piranha Comics

Ok, so the next addition to this comic book stores in London roundup is not technically London, but it’s so good that we really had to include it. Bromley-based, Piranha Comics is a charming little spot ‘known for its choice, quirkiness, friendliness and fun’. Trading since 2012, they’re an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team who offer an extensive array of new and old comic books, vintage toys and cult collectibles too.

In terms of comics, they specialise in DC, Marvel, Image Comics and Vertigo, and there are hundreds on offer here. They’ve also got another store in Kingston if you’re based in the South West London area.

You’ll find Piranha Comics at 246 High Street, Bromley, BR1 1PQ. Nearest station is Bromley North.

7. 30th Century Comics

Though they used to be based at an actual store in Putney, 30th Century Comics is now solely an online business. That’s not the only unique thing about this London comic shop. In their own words, they say that they deal ‘extensively in American and British comics and books between the years of 1900 to the 1980s’.

They’ve got over 75,000 different comics in stock here – yep, really – and you can rifle through the entire selection of these on their online catalogue. The catalogue is updated every week with hundreds of new arrivals, and sold items are deleted within a few days of sale, so their catalogue is always completely up to date.

You’ll find 30th Century Comics online. You can find out more here

8. The Cartoon Museum

The exterior of The Cartoon Museum in London, England
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Owned by the charity Cartoon Art Trust, The Cartoon Museum is a London museum for British cartoons, caricatures and comic shops, and they have a library of over 5,000 books and 4,000 comics on show here. As well as showcasing their collections and exhibitions, the gift shop here stocks and sells a range of different comic books.

There are a whole host of graphic novels on sale here, as well as Judge Dredd memorabilia, books, Manga, FML Comics, V For Vendetta gear, branded items and much more too.

You’ll find The Cartoon Museum at 63 Wells Street, London, W1A 3AE. Nearest station is Goodge Street.

9. A Place In Space

The penultimate addition to this list of the best comic book stores in London is a really neat little spot situated down in Croydon. Run by a lovely team, they sell a whole host of both new and old American comics and graphic novels, as well as a wide range of merchandise and collectibles

A Place In Space has also got all the latest weekly releases from Marvel and DC Comics, as well as some other independent publishers too.

You’ll find A Place In Space at 96 Drummond Road, Croydon, CR0 1TX. Nearest stations are East and West Croydon. 

10. Krypton Komics

Rounding off this list of the best comic book stores in London is situated just a stone’s throw away from Blackhorse Road tube station – the penultimate stop on the Victoria Line close to Walthamstow. As well as having a fantastic online web store, they are also open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so you can work your way through as many comics as you like during this time period.

They’ve got a mighty stock on offer here – with everything from the Amazing Spider-Man to Starman and Plasticman – and there are over 250,000 comics, all arranged in an A-Z format so you can search whatever you want in an easy format. There are also great discounts and regular promotions, so this spot is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the E17 neck of the woods.

You’ll find Krypton Comics & Books at 94 Blackhorse Lane, London, E17 6AA. Nearest station is Blackhorse Road. 

So there you have it, a rundown of the very best comic book stores in London to explore. So whether you’re wanting to really geek out or are a first-timer to one of these stores, we hope this roundup will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Happy hunting!

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