11 Of The Best Brazilian Restaurants In London

Feijoada, Moqueca, Pão de Queijo, Brigadeiros and barbequed meat. Did Brazil come to your mind? Brazilian is a cuisine that offers you a bouquet of flavours inspired by regional and cultural variations. The best Brazilian restaurants in London present the experience of fine dining in Rio within the British capital. Whether you choose to sample Brazilian street food, more sophisticated delicacies, or barbecued meat, many of the locations on our list will instantly take you to the shores of Copacabana. You’ll need to know where to go and what to look for, though, before plunging into London’s Brazilian cuisine scene.

1. Brazilian Gourmet

Offering a different lunch menu every day, Brazilian Gourmet offers seating in calm, beautiful wooden interiors or outdoors to enjoy your authentic Brazilian meal. Whether a quick breakfast or a lengthy sit-down meal with friends, expect nothing less than superb gourmet food here. The feijoada and the appetisers, also known as petiscos, are outstanding, and don’t forget to try the caipirinha from the drinks menu.

The Portuguese codfish croquettes are a must-try, but if you want to experience the authentic flavours of Brazilian street food, you must order the coxinha. Its flavours, ambience and service places Brazilian Gourmet among the best Brazilian restaurants in London.

You’ll find Brazilian Gourmet at 70 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 6LY. Nearest station is Great Portland Street. 

2. Tia Maria

Tia Maria is known for serving some of the best and most authentic Brazilian cuisine anywhere in town. You can enjoy their carefully curated selection of drinks while listening to live music straight from the heart of Brazil, touted as some of the best in the whole city.

Their menu steals the show with plenty of meat options native to the cuisine. Dishes like Brazilian beef kibbeh and ‘8oz beef picanha steak’ are lip-smackingly delicious. But your visit to this music hub in Vauxhall will be incomplete without a serving of feijoada and coxinha followed by freshly pressed sugar cane juice.

You’ll find Tia Maria at 126 South Lambeth Road, London, SW8 1RB. Nearest station is Nine Elms. 

3. Galpão

Located close to the heart of London’s ‘Little Brazil’, Galpão offers a relaxing, cosy ambience with live music at night. You can start with pão de queijo (cheese bread) before moving to another bestseller, vaca atolada, a broth of cassava and meat. Or, you can dig into their most popular dish, ‘picanha galpão’ – a rump steak served with beans, fries and rice.

Do yourself a favour and don’t leave Galpão before trying their passion fruit & lemon caipirinha, which offers you a complete explosion of flavours.

You’ll find Galpão at 1024 Harrow Road, London, NW10 5NN. Nearest station is Kensal Green. 

4. Made in Brasil

Made in Brasil attracts your attention at first sight. Christ, the Redeemer at the entrance, set against a background of the Brazilian flag, blends seamlessly with its Camden neighbours in one of London’s street art hotspots. Inside, you get swarmed with vibrant beachside-style décor.

Among the finest Brazilian restaurants in London, Made in Brasil is known for its caipirinha and special Brazilian brunch and lunch menu. Feijoada, picanha na chapa – a meal of cooked beef with rice and vegetables – and petiscos tapas are all highlights of the menu.

You’ll find Made in Brasil at 12 Inverness Street, London, NW1 7HJ. Nearest station is Camden Town.

5. Kaipiras

Don’t go by their simple setting, Kaipiras is as close to authentic Brazilian cuisine as it gets. This neighbourhood store and kitchen serves great portions of brilliant food at affordable prices. Kibe, the variety of steak with chips, cachaça, and moqueca are too good to be missed. They also have live music that goes well with the outstanding preparation of cocktails.

You’ll find Kaipiras at Priory House, 10 Kingsgate Place, London, NW6 4TA. Nearest station is Kilburn High Road. 

6. Fogo De Chão

Boasting a legacy spanning four decades, this well-renowned restaurant chain from Brazil brings the traditional Brazilian custom of churrasqueira, the grill, to London. Fogo De Chão offers more than twenty different types of meat. They let the beef slowly brew with a hint of seasoning to pull out the natural flavours. Skewered meats and salad buffets are the highlights of their menu.

Order the ‘Fogo feijoada’ if you prefer to stick to a traditional meal or don’t feel like hitting the salad bar. There are five locations around London, but in each and every one of them you’ll find the same quality and quantity.

You’ll find Fogo De Chão at various different locations in London. You can find out more here

7. Cabana

The best Rio street food outside of Brazil may be found in the several locations of Cabana around London. The ambience and flavour inspired by Brazilian beaches and culture are fantastic.

While enjoying their famous charcoal-barbecued skewers, order a portion of ‘esquite’ fries dipped in sriracha mayo, lime and some feta. Above all, the cocktails are potent and remind one of a sunny Copacabana Beach afternoon.

You’ll find Cabana at various different locations in London. You can find out more here

8. Picanha Steakhouse

Visit Picanha Steakhouse to experience the excellent flavours of classic Brazilian steak. This is another restaurant known for churrasco grills where you can dig into skewers of marinated or seasoned meats and vegetables that can blow your mind.

The ‘Picanha rodizio grill’ serving unlimited portions of freshly made roasted meats is arguably one of their best and, hence, most popular. Revel in their authentic Brazilian feijoada served with couve, a traditional side dish of bacon and sauteed collard greens.

You’ll find Picanha Steakhouse at 219 Tooting High Street, London, SW17 0SZ. Nearest station is Tooting Broadway. 

9. O Brasileirão

Set in a relaxing and comfortable environment, O Brasileirão menu spans the bestsellers with plenty of delicacies to choose from. Their salgados, small savoury bits and pieces, are definitely worth trying. Don’t miss their cassava based starters. As a main course you should definitely go for the ‘everyday Brasileirão’, a succulent steak with a huge side of onions, rice, beans, fries and salad.

The stroganoff here is absolutely majestic: neither too creamy nor too sweet, served handsomely with the needful alp of straw potatoes and fries. Whichever dish you decide to give a go to, you’ll leave satisfied and in the need to go back for more.

You’ll find O Brasileirao at 236 High Street Harlesden, London, NW10 4TD. Nearest station is Willesden Junction. 

10. Rodizio Rico

Rodizio Rico is among the first churrascaria in the whole of the UK. Waiters pass tables carrying enormous skewers of meat ready to be carved onto your dish. Wash them down with exceptional cocktails with a Brazilian twist. The buffet is very satisfying and leaves you satiated – simply flip the card over to the red side while you dive into the delicious grilled meat.

The decoration is unpretensious and the room is homey, which makes for the perfect place to spend time enjoying every single bite you take at their prime cut meats.

You’ll find Rodizio Rico at The O2, Greenwich Peninsula, SE10 0DX. Nearest station is North Greenwich. 

11. Omnino

Run by veteran chef Eduardo Barsotti known for running one of London’s best steakhouses, Omnino redefines grilling and cooking meat. Visit this place for the finest beef selection Irish wagyu, Black Angus Argentinian beef, dark red sirloin from Galicia (Spain), US Prime and Rhug Estate British Organic, all with a Brazilian twist.

Starters like Empanadas, Grilled Provolone, Humitas, Choripan, and sausages are seasoned with exotic Latin flavours. You might need to be rolled out of Omnino after a filling meal of meats cut right onto your plate.

You’ll find Omnino at 78-79 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 3DH. Nearest station is Aldgate. 

The Brazilian eateries in the city provide an opportunity to discover the culture and delectable food of Brazil. With this list of Brazilian restaurants in London, prepare for a real culinary exploration of Latin America.

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