17 Bridgerton-Esque Pick-Up Lines That Will Impress Any Lord Or Lady

You know how people like to say “dating must have been so much easier back in the day”? Well, here’s your chance to test that theory: London’s long-awaited immersive Bridgerton ball is finally making its debut next week, and you are cordially invited. Step back in time to 1813 and get ready for a lavish evening of dancing, music, and scandals so juicy they’ll end up on the front page of Lady Whistledown’s society papers. But if you want to woo one of the town’s elite, you might want to brush up on your courting skills. In anticipation of this most special night, we asked Londoners for their wittiest Bridgerton-esque pick-up lines that are guaranteed to impress any lord or lady. Now you just need to muster up the courage, perhaps a glass of champagne will help…

The best Bridgerton-esque pick-up lines:

1. “Hello, I’m the Duke of Hastings”

Simple, yet 100% effective.

2. “Is it hot in here or do I just burn for you?”


3. “Milady, you and I could be the talk of the ton”

4. “Not a pick-up line, just *licks spoon* 🥄👅”

And on that note…

5. “You look spoon-lickingly good tonight”

6. “Is that a derringer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

7. “You make me hot under the cravat”

Oh, stop… 😌

8. “You must be the diamond of the season because I’d jewel for your hand”

9. “Meet me out back in the garden…”

Say no more 🏃‍♀️

10. “Let’s give the mothers of the ton something to gossip about”

11. “You were looking so ravishing I just had to whistle you down”

12. “Grab ur robe, you’ve pulled”

13. “For your love, I’d compete in a duel”

14. “If I were truly courting you, I would not need flowers, only five minutes alone with you in a drawing room”

15. “You’re the only queen I see”

16. “Call me Lady Whistledown because I wanna know all your secrets”

17. “Hey you, I’m no Duke, but I’d duke it out with you”

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