20 Extremely Entertaining Things To Do In London This Autumn

Autumn has officially arrived…

Though summer seems to have only appeared in a peppering of fiercely sunny blink-and-miss-it weekends, deceptively-promising amber mornings and erratic cloud-free afternoons, its time in the (seemingly malfunctioning) spotlight has come to an end. That can only mean one thing: Autumn is here. The season of on-and-off-again layers of clothes, satisfyingly crunchy leaves, mischievous trick-or-treaters, returning TV series and Instagram-ready pumpkin patches. Or, as Keats more poetically puts it; ‘the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. However you see it, Autumn is on our doorstep and with it a whole new variety of fantastic brunches, festivals, immersive experiences, revamped bars and more. Here is our pick of the best things to do in London this Autumn…

1. Sing your heart out to K-Pop bangers at this brilliant bubble pop brunch

If the likes of BTS, BLACKPINK, Exo and Red Velvet are taking pride of place on your Spotify playlists then this bubble pop brunch will be right up your street. Not only will K-pop tunes be pumping from the speakers, but there’ll be professional dancers busting synchronised moves to the outrageously catchy beats alongside brain-busting quizzes, karaoke and plenty of games. Plus, to truly immerse you in the K-pop world, there’ll be an hour of bottomless signature Korean cocktail Watermelon soju and finger-licking Korean fried chicken. You can grab tickets here. 

2. Drink beer and seek out the supernatural at this Halloween-themed Oktoberfest.

oktoberfest brick lane

oktoberfest brick lane

A fusion of two Autumnal favourites, this hair-raising Oktoberfest has added some Halloweeny horrors to the beer-fuelled event. Alongside the pumping bass of live music, screams and shouts of unsuspecting revellers will spill from the doors of Brick Lane Tap Room over the course of the last October weekend (29th-31st), no doubt the cause of some wandering ghouls and thirsty vampires who have joined the party. If you’re looking to bust some moves with some Bavarian ghosts then get the lowdown on details here.

3. Hunt down a killer underground at this spine-chilling murder mystery

Murder on the Underground

Murder on the Underground

Plaster on your best truth-seeking stare and slip on your trench coat, it’s time to step into the shoes of a detective for the day. It’s 1930 and there’s been a horrendous murder in the subterranean bowels of London: a body has been found in Clerkenwell Sorting Office and the killer is still on the loose. P.I Rutherford is calling upon you to solve the case that has sent violent ripples in its wake, casting suspicion on everyone from the wide-eyed Letter Sorter to the imposing Postal Railway Conductor. All relevant resources are at your disposal, including the Mail Rail, to help you find the culprit before time runs out.

4.  Experience the magic of the West End with a trip to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

harry potter and the cursed child
Credit: Johan Persson

Prepare to fall under the spell of the Wizarding World once more; the adventures of Harry and friends are not yet over. Now that theatres have opened their doors and dusted off their neglected seats, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is returning to London’s West End, inviting fans to step back into the pages of the beloved book with a feast of eye-popping special effects, fantastic performances and special immersive touches. Find out more here.

5. Get swept up in the beauty of ballet at Candlelight: The Black Swan

Remember Natalie Portman’s goosebumps-inducing (and Oscar-winning) role as a dancer in The Black Swan? That film that put the backbreaking world of ballet in the spotlight? This special concert shows the story in a new light; candlelight to be exact. Taking place in the stunning Central Hall Westminster, the evening will be a collection of classical pieces and ballet performances, made ever more magical by the Viennese-Baroque architecture and flickering sea of candles. Tickets are now on sale for October 1st.

6. Sashay, slay and drink the day away at this Bougie Drag Brunch

When the weekend is on the horizon but your social calendar is still painfully blank, this brunch is the answer to all your prayers. Bottomless bevvies and legendary drag queens are a killer combo, promising a brilliantly boozy time with sickening performances, dancefloor-filling DJs and (crucially for a brunch) lots of delicious food to soak up that buzz so you can keep the good times going. Find tickets here.

7. Moor up, sit back and take in a film at the Openaire Float-In Cinema

Clamber on board an eco-boat, take a relaxing drift around Little Venice, then pull up in front of the big screen for an utterly unique movie experience. This float-in cinema lets you bob along in the rippling waters while popular films such as The Greatest Showman, Toy Story, Love Actually and Bohemian Rhapsody cut a colourful picture in the darkening twilight sky. The giant LED screen ensures every little detail is seen, while sanitised headphones close off the buzz of the outside world and aromatic street food is at hand when your stomach grumbles. Grab tickets here.

8. Wake up and smell the roses at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

On September 21st-26th you might catch a whiff of floral scents floating through the streets of West London. This can only mean one thing: the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is in full bloom. A celebration of horticultural talents that normally takes place in Spring, the event was postponed (for the usual COVID-related reasons) and is now going ahead in Autumn for the first time ever. Tickets are disappearing fast but if you manage to snag one, you can find yourself strolling through a paradise of perfectly manicured, wonderfully wild and amazingly innovative gardens. Find out more here.

9. Mix boozing with more pleasure at Boy Toy Naughty Nights Bottomless Dinner

If you’re looking for a bit of spice this Autumn that’s not pumpkin-related then look no further. This saucy bottomless brunch is an intoxicating evening of booze, boys and boogieing that will leave you breathless in more ways than one. The raunchy event is on every Friday from October 1st, leaving you plenty of chances to round up the gang and treat yourselves to an unforgettable night out. With performances from drag queens, boylesque performers and acrobats on the agenda – not to mention 90-minutes of bottomless prosecco and dinner served by topless waiters – you’d be a fool to miss out. Get tickets here.

10. See the world through the eyes of an iconic artist at Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

A completely immersive deep dive into the fascinating life of Van Gogh, this exhibit looks at his masterpieces in a new light. His infamous sunflowers protrude from walls in three-dimensional glory, a VR experience invites you inside a painted world and a magical room surrounded by digital walls bring his works to animated life. It had already found a wealth of fans across Europe and has now debuted in London to similar acclaim. If you want to see what the fuss is all about you can get tickets here.

11. Put yourself in the shoes of a zombie-killing mercenary at Army of the Dead – Viva Las Vengeance: A VR Experience

Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

Strap on your best tactical gear, put on your headset and clamber on board the reinforced taco truck: it’s time to kill some zombies. This immersive VR experience plunges you into the world of Netflix flick Army of the Dead, sending you on a mission to save stranded civilians from zombie-ridden Las Vegas, a post-apocalyptic wasteland that has been quarantined in lofty walls in an effort to stop the flesh-eating residents from breaking free. You can follow in the footsteps of Dave Bautista, destroying zombies left and right, feeling the jolt of the gun and bone-rattling shake of every explosion thanks to amazing special effects. Enlist for VR combat here.

12. Seize this second chance to get your Caribbean carnival fix at Carnifest

Carnifest - London's Biggest Carnival Halloween Party

Carnifest - London's Biggest Carnival Halloween Party

Take the notoriously vibey Notting Hill festival, add a few colourful glugs of the Caribbean and throw in a devious dash of Halloween. Mix it all together and you’ve got Carnifest, an epic party taking place at Club 289 on – you guessed itOctober 31st. Live DJs will pumping out Reggae, Soca and Bashment into the late hours, while vampires decked out in hula necklaces and witches blowing whistles will be shaking their hips among crowds of dressed-up revellers. You can count yourself among them when you get tickets here.

13. Visit the hunting ground of London’s most notorious killer on this Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

Man walking down a mystic dark alley
Photo: Adobe Stock, fran_kie

Pack your magnifying glass. This haunting trip back to the 19th-century will have you exploring the ends where Jack the Ripper committed his heinous crimes. Over the course of 2 hours you will immerse yourself in the case of the infamous killer, following a guide as they share stories and conspiracies about his gruesome crimes. You’ll learn all about the victims and potential suspects to  help you draw your own conclusions, all the while walking the same murder-plagued streets that once struck fear into the hearts of London’s citizens. Find tickets here.

14. Live out your finger-licking dreams at Wingjam: London’s Chicken Wing Festival



If the mere thought of a sauce-smothered chicken wing has your stomach rumbling then this might just be your kinda thing. The Wingjam festival makes its triumphant return to London on October 1st, promising over 50 flavour combinations of succulent wings including Buffalo, Doughnut and even Strawberry Cheesecake. To quench your thirst there are award-winning custom brewed beers and cocktails at hand, while live music will keep your ears happy. Plus, if you fancy yourself a pro at devouring spicy wings, then you can take part in the Hot Wing Eating Contest. Grab tickets here. 

15. Watch films and drink booze among the clouds at Bar Elba’s Rooftop Bottomless Cinema

Credit: Bar Elba

Not it’s not heaven, but it’s pretty damn close. A climb up the colourful staircase to this rooftop bar is worth the effort, as waiting at the top is an evening of cult classics, bottomless booze and, of course, plenty of popcorn. Film fans will think they have stumbled into a dream as they settle into comfy bean bag chairs and favourites such as Hot Fuzz, Mamma Mia, The Black Panther, Pulp Fiction and Clueless start playing on the big screen. There’s even a special spooky season, with horror flicks stealing the screen over the course of October. If you’re in need of some film therapy washed down with endless bubbles then get tickets here. 

16. Unleash your inner child at this Adult Soft Play with Prosecco and Beer

Adult soft play bottomless brunch

Adult soft play bottomless brunch

Ever find yourself missing the good old days? Those times you would find yourself happily scrambling through tunnels, button bashing Nintendo games and nailing perfectly synchronised moves on the dance machine. Well, this is your chance to relive the simple times of your youth, but with a crucial adult twist: alcohol. This galaxy-themed arcade bar has all the classics such as Sega Megadrive, boxing machines, table tennis, Xbox One and even a laser shooting gallery. On top of it all there’s also a nightclub-style sound system and lights, making it the perfect place to show off your celebratory dance. Grab tickets here. 

17. Get the festival experience without stepping foot outside your home courtesy of IKEA

Ikea Museum. Image: Supplied/ Ikea

Imagine sinking into your sofa cushions and soaking up festival vibes without the hassle of staggering walks with an overloaded rucksack, argument-inducing tent pitching or the imminent dread of visiting the porta loos. Sounds to good to be true, right? Wrong. IKEA have spared a thought for all those housebound souls around the world and are throwing a virtual festival full of music, house makeovers, DJ relays, food demos and even the opportunity to peek into top designers homes. Find out more here.

18. Celebrate the wonderful world of film at BFI London Film Festival 

64th BFI London Film Festival submissions are now closed | BFI
Credit: BFI

Its circled three times in red pen, decorated with stars and written in big bold letters on every film fanatic’s calendar: October 6th – 17th is the BFI Film Festival. A week and a half of star-studded premieres,  and thought-provoking documentaries interspersed with fascinating Q&As and in-depth interviews. The event not only gives a peek behind the scenes of the film industry but also introduces attendees to some of the often overlooked talents who make the magic happen. Tickets sell out quick but you can still snatch some up here.

19. Enjoy a Haunted Evening of Classical Compositions by candlelight at Windsor Castle

Halloween Candlelight

Halloween Candlelight

Fall under the spell of talented musicians at a haunting evening inside the centuries-old Castle Hotel Windsor. The Georgian venue is drenched in history, only adding to the atmospheric setting of the candlelit evening. Over the course of an hour, guests will be treated to an array of Halloween-themed classical compositions, featuring music from Stranger Things, Beetlejuice and Ghostbusters among many more. Get tickets here.

20. Get your groove on at a brilliant Beyoncé brunch

All hail the Queen B. What better way to pay tribute to music royalty than with a bottomless brunch soundtracked by all her biggest hits? This Beyonce-themed brunch puts on a show that would do her proud, complete with performances from a dance troupe and the worlds most successful Beyonce tribute act. Tracks from both her Destiny’s Child days and solo career will have your hips swaying all through the experience, while a delicious southern fried chicken burger, skin on fries and chocolate orange torte will soak up the hour of bottomless cocktails you’ll be indulging in. Grab tickets here.

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