22 Spine-Tingling Series & Films To Watch This Halloween

Fancy a horror marathon?

This year’s Halloween celebrations have to make up for last year’s sitting-in-the-house-avoiding-others, but there’s always space for some spooky films and popcorn. So, whether you’re going out or staying in on October 31, there’s plenty of times to squeeze in a few of these fantastic films.

Here are our picks from the top streaming services in the UK, so bust out those skull-shaped sweets you bought on a whim from the supermarket and start chomping!


1. Hereditary

As a family grieves the death of their grandmother they begin to discover a pretty harrowing ancestral past alongside a string of secrecy left behind by this mysterious woman.

2. Fear Street: Part One, Two & Three

For 300 years a string of unsolvable murders have plagued the town of Shadyville (yes, it is really called that in the film) until some teenagers meddle where they shouldn’t and discover the centuries-old evil spirit responsible.

3. Midnight Mass

A mysterious priest arrives on an isolated island community and strange things start happening. Residents begin to witness omens that scare the socks off them, but the priest’s charisma hides a deep, dark truth.

4. The Purge

This absolute dystopian nightmare depicts a world in which nothing is illegal for a full 12 hours and a presidential candidate is trapped in the streets, witnessing/runnings from the absolute horror that unfolds.

5. Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride is an absolute classic, brought to the world by the genius that is Tim Burton. When a ring intended for a living bride accidentally falls onto the finger of a corpse, one wedding gets a whole lot creepier.

6. Zombieland: Double Tap

There are zombies… everywhere! And the gang face more difficult hurdles than they ever have before. Plus, Woody Harrelson is in this one again, and who doesn’t love him?

7. The Conjuring

The Perron family move to a farmhouse on Rhode Island and realise there’s something creepy about it right away. So, as they become trapped inside by evil spirits two paranormal investigators come to lend a hand.

8. The Woman In Black

Harry Potter… I mean Daniel Radcliffe stars in this ghost story as a 20th Century widow where a widow is terrorising the local population, and it’s safe to say that she’s not very friendly.

9. Hubie Halloween

Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) is just trying to ensure that everyone has a lovely Halloween, but people are pretty horrible to him regardless. However, he gets his chance to show them all his worth when he’s tasked with saving Halloween.

10. Army of the Dead

The title says it all really – this one’s not about puppies and rainbows. Basically, a group of mercenaries thinks they’re hard enough to return to Las Vegas and pull off a heist despite an absolute infestation of zombies in the city.

11. Brand New Cherry Flavor

If what you want from your horror films is sex, supernatural kittens, and a whole lot of revenge then this one’s for you. It’s pretty trippy, so prepare to question what’s real and what’s not once you’re done with episode 1.

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12. Nightmare on Elm Street

This 1984 classic follows a group of teenagers as the razor-clawed Freddy Kreuger chases them through into their dreams. There’s no escape!

13. Final Destination

This film is basically a trip back in time for every millennial out there. If you weren’t already scared of everything around you then you will be after you’ve watched this – a group of people miraculously avoid death, but the grim reaper ain’t too happy about it.

14. What We Do In The Shadows

If you fancy a reprise from the scary stuff – this hilarious comedy follows some eccentric, age-old vampires as they interact with the modern, human world.

15. Dark Shadows

Barnabas Collins has been around the block a few times, and he also happens to be a vampire. It goes without saying that his family are all vampires too, and when we returns to his ancestral home things start to get interesting, because they’re all in need of his protection.

16. Escape Room

Who doesn’t like a good escape room? Well, this one’s not quite as tame as the usual Fever plan. These friends end up trapped in a sick and twisted game of life and death.

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17. The Invisible Man 

This disturbing story follows a scientist who decides to make himself invisible and stalk his ex-girlfriend. Having received no help from the police she decides enough is enough and teaches him a well-deserved lesson – don’t be stalking people. Not to be confused with H.G Wells’ The Invisible Man (1897), or Ralph Ellison’s incredible 1952 novel Invisible Man. Seriously, not remotely alike.

18. American Psycho

Christian Bale plays the charismatic and intelligent, but also murderous and psychotic Bret Easton Ellis in this classic from good old 2000. He proceeds to do whatever he wants whenever he wants in the most gruesome of manners.

19. The Lighthouse

Lighthouses are inherently creepy (sorry if you don’t agree) – isolated, battered by the waves and by the wind, and inhabited by lonely humans who we imagine don’t have many options when it comes to socialising. Well, take yourself back to the 1890s and imagine being stuck in a remote lighthouse with Robert Pattinson, both slowly losing your sanity. Pretty creepy, right?

20. The Grudge

Take yourself back to 2004 when the girl from The Grudge haunted the dreams of every teenager in the UK with that horrible noise she made with her throat… and all the gruesome murders she commits in the film, as she haunts a property that people should seriously stop visiting.

21. The Shining

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ – if you’ve never heard this phrase before then where have you been hiding your whole life? This absolute cult classic based on a Stephen King novel of the same name follows Jack, played by the phenomenal Jack Nicholson, as he takes a job as a caretaker at an isolated resort in the mountains. The building seeps into his psyche and he becomes murderously mad.

22. Doctor Sleep

Can’t get enough of The Shining? Well, you’re in luck because you can just pop the sequel on. Ewan McGregor plays a man with psychic abilities who must protect a young girl with the same powers. However, things begin to go pear-shaped.

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