43 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From London Without Telling Me You’re From London”

Ah yes, London is a whole world in itself. Just like there are certain things everyone learns once they move to London, there are some things that only people living in London will truly understand. We wanted to know exactly what those things are, so we asked our readers the question… and boy, did they deliver. Without further ado, here are our Instagram and Facebook followers’ best responses to “Tell me you’re from London without telling me you’re from London”:

1. What zone do you live in?

2. “You alright?”

3. See it, say it, sorted

4. Mind the gap!

5. Running for the train even if the next one is 3 minutes away

6. “Tired of being Tired? Floradix”

7. I walk faster than I run

8. Refusing to go north/south of the river

9. Changing at Bank station

10. Tower Bridge is not London Bridge

11. Glaring furiously at people standing on the wrong side of the escalators, but not saying anything

12. £12 for a cocktail is reasonable

13. “Innit”

14. Oyster in my hand before I reach the ticketing machine

15. My rent is 70% of my income

16. Living and breathing Citymapper

17. “Your account balance is £4.65”

18. Literally checking the weather 4 times a day

19. I know how to pronounce Holborn, Marylebone, Plaistow and Ruislip

20. It’s only 23 degrees and people look like baked lobsters

21. I’m always trying to go to sold-out exhibitions

22. Hoping the text sends when the train is stationary

23. I stand on the right and walk on the left

24. I’ve never spoken to my neighbours although I’ve lived in the same place for almost 10 years

25. “It’s midnight, let’s get a curry!”

26. Saying “know what I mean” at the end of every sentence… know what I mean?

27. Your face being squashed into someone’s armpit on the Tube after a 12 hour shift

28. I think spending £20 whenever you leave the house is normal

29. “I hate people”

30. I don’t know what’s higher, the pollen count or rent prices

31. *rolling eyes while hatefully judging tourists queueing at the Tube gates*

32. I know where to stand on the platform to be right by the door

33. Groans at a 4 minute wait for anything

34. Always saying sorry when it wasn’t your fault

35. Sleeping on the Northen line and waking up at Morden

36. People from at least 50 different nations on one train

37. “Good service on all other lines”

38. Sometimes it’s faster to walk than to get a bus

39. “Who wants a tea?”

40. Never pushing the open buttons on the Tube doors!

41. Oops, I forgot my umbrella at home

42. Fish and Chips

43. I outwards despise but secretly love where I live

…don’t we all? ❤️

Secret London