7 Agave-Fuelled Ways For You To Get Your Tequila Fix This National Tequila Day

With National Tequila Day (July 24) fast approaching, it really is time to get your agave plans sorted. And while we’re firm believers that there’s never a bad day to enjoy some tequila, we sure do like celebrating it. Whether you prefer sipping at tequila straight, throwing back shots, or enjoying delicious cocktails, we’ve got a few ideas for you to try out. And we’re also not going to tell on you if you choose to make it National Tequila Weekend either. It’s such an important celebration after all.

1. Sip at London’s latest and prettiest tequila concoction

A mirror margarita, a perfect cocktail to sip on for National Tequila Day
Credit: Addie Chinn

Hacha is already revered throughout London for their Mirror Margarita. The crystal clear, perfectly balanced expression of tequila, citrus, and grapefruit is one of the most iconic cocktails in London’s tequila scene. You could keep it simple by grabbing a bottle of the pre-mixed cocktail to share. Or you can head to one of the two Hacha locations to try out the limited edition riff on the Mirror Margarita – The Trilogy. The first margarita in London to make use of three different tequilas, it’s a true celebration of the spirit’s diversity.

The Trilogy will be available from the 22nd of July, to enjoy at Hacha Dalston and Hacha Brixton for a limited time

2. Try out a mezcal-infused coffee liqueur

A bottle of the Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur
Credit: Guy Davies

Coffee liqueur may not be the most obvious answer to the question of how to celebration National Tequila Day. But Mr Black has always got another trick up their sleeves. They’ve partnered with Illegal Mezcal to bring a limited edition Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur to the world. Aged in Ilegal Mezcal’s American Oak barrels, the drink is then fortified with fresh joven mezcal. The smoky, spiced, aromatic liqueur can be enjoyed on the rocks or works wonders in a Coffee Negroni. Be sure to get your hands on a bottle for a proper conversation-starting addition to your bar.

3. Nab a free Paloma

Two free Palomas being cheers-ed
Credit: Supplied

Flight Club and Electric Shuffle have partnered up with Franklin & Sons for a massive cocktail giveaway. Not only are giving away over 1,000 free Palomas to those booking in for brunch on National Cocktail Day, they’re also giving away Paloma cocktail kits. AND they’re also giving one lucky winner a massive blowout prize for a huge night with friends at Flight Club. We’ve written a whole article about it so you can figure out how to best be in with a chance of winning.

4. Get the party started with a Verdita shot

We’ve probably all had a pickle back shot by now – the pickle juice works wonders to neutralize the spiky notes of a bourbon shot. It’s a shot that unites bourbon lovers and haters alike. But wait, I thought this was an article about tequila? Oh, it is, don’t you worry. Because the Red Hand, a craft beer destination in Dalston, has come up with a delicious tequila version of the pickle back: a Tequila Verdita. Except for this, they replace the pickle juice with a delicious combination of pineapple, mint, coriander, sorrel, lime, and jalapeño. It’s fruity, refreshing, slightly spicy, and the perfect contrast to the tequila shot that precedes it. Once you’ve had one, you’ll be telling everyone about it.

5. Spend the evening at the Silverleaf

The Apple Woodruff cocktail, a delicious highball to enjoy on National Tequila Day
Credit: Supplied

Pan Pacific London‘s latest cocktail bar, Silverleaf, is just the place to go for a relaxed evening of luxe cocktails. And you know they’ve got some brilliant tequila-based offerings. Try out The Apple Woodruff, an easy-drinking highball cocktail with a blend of tequila and vodka, Pink Lady Apple Cordial, and Beebolin Woofruff Soda. It’s the perfect light concoction to keep you going all night long.

6. Try out some of the frozen stuff

Head to El Pastor for not only some delicious tacos, but also some fantastically refreshing frozen margaritas. We’re not about to say that freezing cocktails make them better, but there’s something about the way the tequila still cuts through the slushy delight that just hits the spot. And El Pastor has a whole host of options for you. Their frozen margaritas include such flavour combinations as avocado and passionfruit, spiced mango, or hibiscus and honeydew. You can even order a lagerita, which floats Corona on top of the whole affair for a longer drink.

7. Head to the Double Dutch pop-up in Covent Garden

Okay, so people may say ‘don’t take candy from strangers in vans’. But it’s fine to get drinks from strangers in VW vans right? Well Double Dutch is taking their iconic Double Dutch VW Van Bar (try saying that three times fast) to Covent Garden for all the thirsty National Tequila Day celebrants. They’re commemorating the launch of their Pink Grapefruit Soda, which goes perfectly in the Palomas they’ll be serving up.

They’ll also be giving away free 24 packs of their Double Dutch mixers to anyone who posts a picture of their favourite cocktail from the Double Dutch VW Van. Just tag them (@doubledutchdrinks) and pop #DoubleDutchParty in the caption and they’ll reach out with a code to redeem for your free case. One lucky winner will even get a Double Dutch at-home party kit. Make sure to include both your cocktail, and the VW Van in your post to win! Find them on the Covent Garden Piazza in front of Sushi Samba from 1pm-6pm, this July 22-26.

And now, with a head full of options, and an empty stomach, we say unto you: go forth and consume agave!

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