9 London Skateparks For You To Show Off Your Skills

London is a skateboarder’s paradise, with countless parks and spots available for you to shred. As we’re all about showing people the best side of our capital. we’ve decided to compile a list of the nine most popular and well-loved London skateparks. From the towering heights of Alexandra Palace to the hidden gems like Victoria Park Skatepark, as well as concrete bowls to street courses, we’ve got you covered. So get your board, get your helmet ready and put on your pads – it’s time to hit the streets.

1. Southbank Skate Space

A man skating at the Southbank Skate Park in London, England
Photo: @shutterstock

The Southbank Centre is home to some of the UK’s most important skateboarding history. It’s been a popular spot for decades; many people know that in this place is where you can find a little bit more history than just buildings and cars. The Southbank Centre’s undercroft has been home to boarders, riders, and graffiti artists for more than 40 years.

Seven steps are among the many different blocks that are present in the skateable plaza area, which is made out of concrete and which was made bigger just a few years ago. There are two blocks in front of these sets that can be ascended or descended depending on how daring you feel like being when it comes to this particular spot. Next, there’s another famous gap made out by one shorter but steeply slanted block while leading into an even taller drop-off at the left.

Post-skate, there are plenty of cafés, street-food stalls and restaurants for you to grab some grub and recharge.

You’ll find Southbank Skate Space at Southbank Undercroft, Festival Pier, Lambeth, SE1 8XZ. Nearest station is Waterloo. 

2. Kimber Skatepark

Kimber Skatepark is a fabulous addition to the King George’s Park area of Wandsworth, South London. It features an enclosed concrete plaza-style loop, additional metal-frame ramps, and a BMX track – basically everything you need to be included in the best skateparks in London. The layout has been well designed to make an easy loop, perfect for beginners and experienced skaters alike.

There are two runs available at this park, and one is more technical than the other. The first half of it has an earthquake gap leading up to a quarter pipe and then continues towards another section where there is also some banking. The gap to the left is a series of ledges that lead up into an open area with multiple flat banks on either side. The one across from it has many obstacle courses throughout its length, which makes for great skating.

You’ll find Kimber Skatepark at Kimber Road, Wandsworth, SW18 4NY. Nearest station is Earlsfield. 

3. House of Vans London

House of Vans is well known for its deep concrete pool-style bowl in Tunnel Four, which was made famous by the well-known skateboarder and TV presenter Marc Churchill. He started his career early and has worked with many different types of sponsorships, such as those from BBC TV station Grandstand or Vans’ ‘World Skate Night’ events during Olympic qualifying sessions for various sports, including inline skating (on which he regularly commentates).

The Lockwood-style bank is a recent addition to the fence, and an even newer and amazing China curb leans on it. The House of Vans has been a London staple for years and continues to be so – they’ve covered it whether you’re looking to bowl or need some space.

You’ll find House of Vans London at Arches 228-232, Station Approach Road, SE1 8SW. Nearest station is Waterloo. 

4. Crystal Palace Skatepark

The Crystal Palace Park Skatepark is a great place to spend an afternoon. The skatepark at Crystal Palace Park is a long, curving concrete band that is 100 metres long and 11 metres wide. It is loaded with a variety of rideable terrains that you can enjoy for free during daylight hours.

The London Skatepark features three separate areas. One end of the park has a cloverleaf pool with advanced coping stones and tiles, which can also be used for skating. It’s eight-and-a-half feet at its deepest point (large round section), but there are also shallower sections measuring about six feet for every level of expertise.

The variety of features at this skatepark is genuinely something special. A steel-coping bowl with an L form sits in the centre and has several curves and hips, ranging from five feet deep in some sections to seven feet deep near the deepest point on site. There’s also an inviting mellow section that varies between two and three feet high with flat transitions as well as angled hip banks and ledges, along with pump bumps and tacos sitting around five feet high.

You’ll find Crystal Palace Skatepark at Crystal Palace Park, Off Ledrington Road, SE19 2BB. Nearest station is Crystal Palace. 

5. Barking Skate Park

This one has a great location with plenty of space to play. In fact, it’s billed as ‘London’s largest skatepark’, so it certainly deserves its place in this roundup of the best London skateparks.

The skatepark is the perfect place for all levels of skaters, providing more than 900 square metres to explore, and it has a splendid range of terrains for skaters of various different skill levels. There’s also a beginner area, a street zone with ledges and gaps like ‘Euro-gaps’ or keyhole birchwood bowl that is unique to London.

With three different bowls and an entire half-pipe dedicated to board sports, it really is one of the best skateboarding parks in London.

You’ll find Extreme Barking Skatepark at Mayesbrook Park, Lodge Avenue, Dagenham, RM8 2JR. Nearest station is Upney. 

6. Alexandra Palace Skatepark

Whether you want to hone your skating skills or watch others accomplish theirs, there are enough things at the skatepark for everyone to practise on. Ramps, two entertaining boxes filled with numerous obstacles (including some cool tricks), and two distinct types of ground surfaces are all available.

Spend an afternoon filled with fun, thrills and spills while skating at the Alexandra Palace Skatepark. It’s open almost every day and closes at sunset, so you’ll have plenty of time for fun in the sun before it gets dark.

You’ll find Alexandra Palace Skatepark at Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, N22 7AY. Nearest station is Alexandra Palace. 

7. Cantelowes Concrete Bowl and Skatepark

The Cantelowes Bowl is one of the most popular outdoor bowls in the whole of the United Kingdom, with its quirky shape and large size making it perfect for all sorts of adventures. An L-shaped street segment around the edge, ideal for slaloms or speed skaters, was added during the 2007 makeover by the famous skating brand Wheelscape.

The bowl is a haven for all types of terrain and can be tackled by beginners or experts alike. This three-tiered course has hips that will take you around the different sections at six feet deep with rollin’ transitions between them, making it easy on your skateboard wheels. The neighbouring street course has banks that are flat but perfect for grinds and slides. Don’t forget about their nine-foot inversion love seat either!

You’ll find Cantelowes Concrete Bowl and Skatepark at Cantelowes Gardens, Camden Road, NW1 9BY. Nearest station is Camden Road. 

8. BAYSIXTY6 Skatepark

This pocket-sized park – our penultimate of this roundup’s London skateparks – is perfect for getting your board and taking off. BAYSIXTY6 Skatepark was first planned for this area in 1996 when it became clear that more kids were interested than ever!

Operators have worked closely with local communities on plans which have since been realised including building up services here so people can enjoy skateboarding even after daylight hours or during bad weather conditions. They’ve also implemented increased safety features like railings along stepped drops so people can safely practice their moves.

They aim to provide children, youth, and people of all ages with top-quality sporting facilities where they can mix safe environments while learning new skills.

You’ll find BAYSIXTY6 Skatepark at Bay 66 Acklam Road, North Kensington, W10 5YU. Nearest station is Westbourne Park.

9. Victoria Skateboard Park

A picture of Victoria Park at dawn – home to one of the best London skateparks
Photo: @georgiehoole

Wheelscape designed the Victoria Skateboard Park, which has an interesting bowl-shaped feature. It’s home to London’s only cradle and one of just two in the whole of the UK after Hastings! The distinctive shape means some nice lines ranging from 5-8 feet with sharp hips and plenty more vert at places.

The Victoria Skateboard Park has a small street section with some hips, pump bumps, and banks scattered around. There’s also an inclined bowled corner linking the lines together (for the riders who want it all).

You’ll find Victoria Skateboard Park at Victoria Park, Grove Road, Tower Hamlets, E3 5TN. Nearest station is Mile End. 

You can hit the ground skating with ease with these London skateparks. With plenty of variety in terms of terrain and difficulty level, get ready for a fun day out and shred away!

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