A Dazzling Neon Art Installation Will Take Over Covent Garden From Next Week

Immerse yourself in these sweet Covent Garden neons!

During the long dark of the winter lockdown, one could spot a glimmer of light at Tate Britain, where artist Chila Burman festooned the exterior of the art gallery with colourful neon lights, in a celebration of Diwali. It was a welcome mercy during a pretty tough time, and proved so popular with passers-by that it was extended by a month. Now, Burman will bring her electric neons to another famous canvas: Covent Garden.

Diwali Tate Britain

Diwali Tate Britain

From August 26, the artist will fill the South Hall of Covent Garden’s central Market Building with dazzling neon sculptures. If you happened to catch the Tate Britain display, you’ll known that Burman’s work trends towards the whimsical, with neon tigers and ice cream vans featuring there – and things are likely to be equally fun over at the new display. Central to the Covent Garden neons are the words “do you see words in rainbows?”, which is a question I reckon will be answered when the neons start popping up.

If the artist’s impression is anything to go by, we can also expect to see neon peacocks, hearts, and lips illuminating the Market Building before long. To wander through an immersive installation of neon lights will be quite the experience, and it’s not even the first one we’ve have seen in London this year, given that God’s Own Junkyard took over Leadenhall Market for a few glorious weeks this summer. Neon-filled historic markets? It’s a trend I’d love to see more of!

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