A Gorgeous New Floating Restaurant Has Bobbed Into Canary Wharf

The London Project is docked on the waters of Wood Wharf.

Our city gets new restaurants virtually every week, but not many of them have to be towed into town up the River Thames… And yet, that’s exactly what happened with London’s newest restaurant, which has docked up in Canary Wharf. A pair of floating pavilions are now in positioned at Wood Wharf, in the heart of London’s financial district, and one of them will house a new bar and restaurant from Dubai-based The London Project.

As you can see, navigating the behemoths into place wasn’t exactly the easiest task, but by the looks of the press photos, they’re going to be very slick additions to the wharf. One of these floating pavilions is now destined to become the London outpost of The London Project, and whilst I just referred to it as a bar and restaurant, it’s actually quite a lot more than that. Besides the bar and restaurant, the space will also be a lifestyle venue with a strong focus on art and music – plus, it’ll even have its own gin distillery!

The London Project

The London Project

There’s no firm word on what the second pavilion will be home too, but it’ll be linked to The London Project (and the dockside, evidently) with a series of boardwalks. Even if you’re stopping by for a wander rather than a dinner, you’ll find the pavilions to be a pleasant spot. They’ve been designed by Glenn Howells Architects, and make use of seating areas, aquatic planting, and open-end balconies to provide a space in which you can just watch the world drift by.

The London Project

The London Project

They’re eco-friendly too; each floating pavilion is made from sustainably sourced timber decking and aluminium extracted from hydro sources, and each has a green roof decorated with wildflowers and grasses, to encourage visits from insects and bees and to improve carbon capture. Finally, the pavilions will be primarily powered by energy from Canary Wharf’s Combined Heat and Power network, in a bid to lower the impact on the environment.

There’s no exact opening date for The London Project at present, but it’s hoped that the space will open by the end of the year. And given our penchant for waterside dining, you can bet we’ll be popping down as soon as it opens!

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