A Happiness-Inducing, Multi-Sensory Museum Experience Is Coming To London

Remember when we were young, carefree, and our imaginations ran wild while playing games with our siblings, friends or neighbours? Well, a nostalgic treat is London bound, ideal for children and children at heart. Dopamine Land is a brand-new, multi-sensory, immersive experience that channels the outrageous imagination of childhood and makes it real life.

A little trippy, and a lot of fun, Dopamine Land will arrive in the capital this April, boasting a selection of interactive rooms that combine traditional media and innovative technology. Lights, camera, action – literally! It’s the perfect place to flood your brain with the feel-good hormones.

two friends at dopamine land

two friends at dopamine land

The immersive experience boasts the tagline “enter a world of happiness”, and that you will. It’ll be hard to furrow a frown or muster anger amidst the positively radiant rooms that await at Dopamine Land. There are five distinctive rooms at the experience. One is reminiscent of the ‘ground is lava’ game: the space will be flooded with lights, visual effects and moving projections that you have to evade without falling over to reach the exit. A second room focuses less on movement, more on soaking up natural beauty, projected on huge mirrors across the walls and floor.

In the bubble room, you can unleash your inner child with a bubble gun in hand; while in the popcorn room, you can imagine life as a little popcorn kernel (stay with us here), as you soak up the comforting scent of popcorn and larger-than-life projections of the snack all around. Last, but certainly not least, there will be a pillow fight room. Yes. Bring. It. On.

a silhouette of a person at dopamine land

a silhouette of a person at dopamine landSome rooms will have dedicated photo zones, so you can immortalise your memories. Regardless of whether you walk away with a phone filled with photos or not though, you’re guaranteed to leave Dopamine Land with a smile on your face.

Dopamine Land: A Multisensory Immersive Experience – Waitlist

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