A Haunted Forest Cinema Pop-Up Will Screen Your Favourite Scary Films This Month

You’ll find chilling cult classics and family-friendly blockbusters alike if you brave the Forbidden Forest.

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big fright… Whilst 2020 has been plenty terrifying already, the Forbidden Forest cinema is here to make it even spookier. Bringing a winning array of horror films to Peckham this month, Pop-Up Screens have transformed a blank room into a misty, ominous forest that you must traverse before settling in for Halloween film screenings. It kicks off on October 23, and you can pick up your tickets here.

Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest

Wandering through misty woods on a spooky autumn night may not be generally advisable, but when the Forbidden Forest immersive cinema lies at the end of it, it’s worth the risk. Pop-Up Screens have a reputation for their excellent outdoor cinema screenings, but with the nights turning chillier, they’ve elected to move indoors and transform a south London warehouse into their spooky forest home.

Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest

Throughout late October and into November, the Forbidden Forest cinema will show Halloween classics such as Nightmare on Elm Street, The Blair Witch Project, Get Out, Halloween, Scream, The Shining, Ghostbusters, and many more. You’ll need to book for a minimum of two people – presumably to have a hand to hold when the tension builds – and an on-site bar will serve drinks and popcorn. The cinema will be taking the necessary Covid precautions, including safety pod seating to keep guests at a safe distance, and will be allowed to continue past the 10pm curfew (so the films won’t be shut off just as you reach the big finish!).

There’s no better way to spend an autumn night, but you might be sleeping with the lights on for a while afterwards…

Practical information

23 Oct 2020 19:30 – 08 Nov 2020 19:30

133 Copeland Road Peckham, SE15 3SN, London


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