A New Proposal Wants To Connect London To Over 40 European Cities By Sleeper Trains

Long live the sleeper train.

It’s been a while since we could realistically think about one of those trips where you let the trains guide you around Europe as you go off on a big old explore. But now, as the world looks to be opening up again, an ambitious new plan involving the use of sleeper trains has been proposed.

A new idea from the German Green Party has suggested that an overnight railway service should start up, connecting more than 40 European cities between Glasgow/Edinburgh and Frankfurt.

In these plans, handily, London would get a look in; as well as handfuls of other beautiful destinations including Vienna, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Berlin and many more.

Just think, you could set off–all bleary eyed–in London, have a kip, before waking up in, I don’t know, Madrid? Quite the trip, I reckon. So yeah, please let this happen.

If an overnight railway was to go ahead, the Greens in Germany noted that a number of requirements would need to be met. The trains would have to be comfortable and quiet; as well as being able to reach speeds of up to 250 km/h; boast a customer friendly uniform booking platform across the participating rail companies; all while offering affordable tickets that compete with air travel to these destinations.

They have made their statement heard on their website, saying: “One thing is clear: people are ready to use night trains.”

And they just happen to be damn right about that. 18 months staring at the same four walls while working from home will make you ready for just about any form travelling outside your local big supermarket.

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