A ‘Snow Moon’ Will Shine Over London This Weekend

The snow moon will bid farewell to February.

Lockdown life isn’t exactly the most riveting, but at least the firmament is trying its hardest to keep us entertained. The Moon is putting on a show this weekend, as February’s full moon – known as a ‘snow moon’ – will gleam over the capital. The name comes from the commonly-used Native American naming custom; February is the month in which snow commonly falls in the Northern Hemisphere (hey, even London got some this year!), and thus gives its name to this month’s moon.

A full moon rising over Tower Bridge in 2014.

The best time to see it will be around 7:30am on the morning of Saturday, February 27, and you’re advised to get as high as possible if you’re hoping to spot it. Though the snow moon will be visible until Sunday morning, it’ll be at peak fullness at exactly 8:17am on Saturday.  To get the best view of it, you’re advised to find a high point looking northwest, as this is the direction in which the moon will set. Although having said that, with the nation in lockdown, this will probably involve you invading a flatmate’s bedroom for the best look.

Oh, and do hope for a cloudless morning or this whole exercise is likely to have been in vain…

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