Byron’s Newest Burger Brings The Spicy, Sticky, Sour, And Sweet Flavours Of Korea To London

It’s time for the “K-Town Chow Down” at Byron locations as the burger chain announces their latest special burger. Taking inspiration from Korean flavours and traditions, the new Korean Gochubang Burger brings a taste of Korea to a burger spot near you.

The Gochubang Burger slathers a buttermilk fried chicken breast in chilli and gochujang (a sweet and spicy condiment popular in Korea). A homemade slaw and a Korean-style spicy mayo crowns the burger, which is finished with sweet pickles and a squishy soft bun. In a nod to the Korean tradition of banchan, which finds a plethora of spicy, fermented, or pickled side dishes served as part of a meal, a pot of spicy marinated cucumbers also comes alongside the burger. It’s a veritable feast, even before you order the fries (which, who isn’t?).

Now, disclaimer here: you will get messy. It’s a beast of a burger, intended to be crammed into your gob as you lick the sauce from your fingers. But Byron has you covered, with special custom made K-Town wet wipes on hand to mop up the mess.

The Gochubang burger, a serving of fries, a beer, and a pot of spicy cucumbers laid out on a table, with a pair of chopsticks at the read to eagerly devour them.

And to wash it all down they’ve got the perfect beer pairing to hand. Wild Beer Co’s sake-inspired ‘Yokai‘ beer is on offer to complement the burger’s flavours. With notes of citrus, umami, and a light Sichuan peppercorn spice, it cuts right through the fiery burger.

Head to their website to find out where the nearest location is, and get to devouring. The Korean Gochubang Burger will be available until the end of October.

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