Dine In A Glass Pod By The Thames With Views Of The City

There’s something special about dining by the water. Maybe it’s a beach-side restaurant, or a pool-side café. Or maybe you’ve got a sandwich in hand, sat on the edge of a pier, feet dangling in the water. Food by the water, especially great dining by the water is just a bit more special. Add in panoramic views of the London skyline and a tranquil setting on the Tower of London wharf, and you’ve got something truly special. Well, that’s just what one of the latest (albeit, temporary) additions to the London dining scene provides.

Credit: The Glass Rooms

The Glass Rooms, available to book from June 1, promises a spectacular dining experience for up to 8 people in exclusive, private glass dining pods right by the Thames. Offering up a seasonal, evolving selection of food, the menu takes inspiration from British growers and farmers. No surprise, then, that the whole affair is launching as part of a collaboration with Tower of London’s Superbloom.

Each glass pod also has its own speaker system. So if you’ve got the perfect dinner soundtrack ready and waiting to go, or if you’d rather listen to one of the curated selections, the choice is yours. And in the privacy of the pods, you feel free to belt along with the songs while you eat your meal. Passers-by will just have to wonder in vain as to what’s got the whole pod singing.

A commitment to sustainability

Credit: The Glass Rooms

It’s not just a pretty face restaurant, though, as they are dedicated to sustainability by sourcing their food locally, responsibly, and seasonally. They’re also determined to eradicate food waste, and reuse and recycle as much as they can. Their actions even got the pop-up pods (pod-up?) a top-marks three star rating from the Sustainable Restaurants Association. Delicious food, an exclusive dining experience, and it’s good for the planet!

For those worried about sitting in a glass pod underneath the summer sun, fret not. The 150-year-old London Plane trees dotting the wharf provide a natural sun canopy, stopping the pods from turning into greenhouses. Additionally, a ceiling window allows the riverside breeze to filter in – nature’s own air-conditioning. And while the pods are spherical, we promise there is no chance of them rolling into the Thames with you inside. We don’t think. We’re pretty sure.

Practical information

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