Dippy The Dinosaur Is Making A Triumphant Return To The Natural History Museum

The World Cup may be in winter this year but, friends, it’s coming home.

Yes, after over four years of hurt (Dippy’s crew still gleaming), the famous Natural History Museum dinosaur is making a triumphant return this summer, and we’re just weeks away from the grand unveiling.

In February 2018, 26-metre Dippy and his crew set out for a nationwide tour, hitting eight cities (pretty good going at his age – he is a dinosaur, after all!) across the UK and attracting over two million visitors. But, that tour was no more from October 30, with the famous set of bones preparing for a stint back in the Natural History Museum.

Come May 27, the free installation with Dippy at the helm will be open to all until Christmas at the dinosaur’s original home (sticking around to support England’s run through the World Cup).

And, to truly mark Dippy’s grand return, the museum are holding a late night with the Dinosaur on June 24. You’ll have the chance to see Dippy in his evening form, meet the museum’s palaeontologists and “discover what it takes to look after the iconic 292-bone skeleton of a 26-metre Diplodocus.” Plus, you might even get to meet some live creatures whose Jurassic ancestors were around at the same time as Dippy.

Guests will also be able access the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year display, and can also choose a tank room option as part of their experience. Drinks and bars snacks are also on hand to enjoy alongside the aging-but-still-looking-fine Dippy Dinosaur. Book your spot for Dippy Late here.

Dr Doug Gurr, Director of the Natural History Museum, said: “Our awe-inspiring goliath, Dippy, has smashed visitor records at every venue visited and brought a range of social and economic benefits to the surrounding communities.

“Along with the joy of reaching new swathes of the UK population, the tour has aimed to highlight the importance of tackling the current planetary emergency, educating and inspiring visitors to explore the nature on their own doorsteps and become advocates for the planet.

“It is also with huge excitement we announce Dippy’s return to the Natural History Museum for a special temporary installation to open in 2022. This will give people the chance to see the nation’s favourite dinosaur in full splendour in South Kensington once again.”

Out on the road, Dippy visited each UK country, hitting up Dorchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cardiff, Rochdale, and, finally, Norwich Cathedral – which happens to be the first cathedral to host Dippy.

Catch the wonderous Diplodocus on display at his home from May 27. The display is free, but tickets are being released here soon

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