Enjoy ‘Money Heist’ Themed Cocktails At London’s Hottest Immersive Experience

Choose your drink based on your favourite member of the ‘Money Heist’ gang.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the infamous masked bandits running wild in London, planning epic heists and recruiting new members to take on the ‘Money Heist’ Experience. But did you know that for those daring souls who decide to join the gang, there’s an evening of incredible cocktails waiting for them after their mission? Yes, there is a shiny new Havana Club bar to be explored at the end of the experience. With a bespoke menu of cocktails all inspired by Money Heist characters! Pick your favourite character and see what their cocktail of choice would be below, and get your tickets to Money Heist: The Experience here.

havana club money heist themed cocktails

havana club money heist themed cocktails

The Professor

Want a meticulously crafted cocktail worthy of The Professor himself? You’ve got to try this grounded and well balanced drink made with Havana Club 7yr, maple syrup, sucre de canne, chocolate & angostura bitters (& mint). While sweet at its core, this cocktail has a spicy flare that’s just made for a mastermind.


A little reckless, a little impulsive, but with real main character energy the Toyko cocktail is a delicious choice. Made with Havana Club 7yr, cardamom bitters or tonka bean bitters, ginger ale and cherry, this drink is intensely fruity, spicy, bitter and dressed in alluring red – an utterly irresistible combo.

havana club money heist themed cocktails

havana club money heist themed cocktails


While the Rio cocktail might seem like a safe, go-to option there’s also something playful about it. Made with Havana Club Spiced, lime, walnut bitters and Coca-Cola, this drink features a nutty warmth that really elevates it.

Moscow’s Mule

If you consider yourself a fan of the gentle soul that is Moscow, you’ll love the Moscow’s Mule. Made with Absolut Vodka, bitters and Ginger Beer this classic cocktail is dependable and reliable, and every single sip is refreshingly delicious.

havana club money heist themed cocktailsPalermo

This skilfully crafted cocktail is as multifaceted as Palermo himself – made with Plymouth Gin, lime juice, elderflower liqueur, saline, and edible flowers. Making your great escape after your heist will prove to be both sweet and salty with this cocktail, and yet, unmistakably delicious!


Seductively complex, this drink perfectly treads the line between bitter and sweet, capturing the outward charm of the narcissistic Berlin. Made with Jameson, Campari, and Lillet Vermouth Rouge it’s a sophisticated cocktail that’s sure to captivate.

money heist havana club cocktails

money heist havana club cocktails


Made with Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, lime, and agave, this delightfully fiery cocktail with a sour background is an ode to Nairobi. With an enthusiastic hint of sweetness that makes it irresistible, you’ll be coming back for more.


Made with Beefeater London Dry Gin, Lillet Vermouth Rouge, Campari and garnished with an orange wheel, this strong, calm take on a classic Negroni has a surprisingly fruity side you’ll enjoy. Like all great heists, the perfect Negroni must be carefully planned and meticulously executed and Lisboa does just that.

So, will you try The Professor – a well-balanced sweet cocktail with a spicy flare? Will you opt for the irresistible Tokyo, a fruity, spicy and bitter drink? Or, perhaps you’ll be drawn to the nutty warmth of Rio. Whichever character you relate to the most (and whatever you’re in the mood for) this complex cast has a cocktail for you.

Money Heist: The Experience – London

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