Flat Iron Are Giving Away Free Steaks Tomorrow At Each Of Their Restaurants

Nearly two weeks in, it’s still safe to say January is tough. Many of us broke after the Christmas festivities, and there’s a nagging pressure for “self-improvement” through the month as people aim to get ahead with their resolutions.

But, there might be a way to give yourself a slap-up meal (if you’re doing Veganuary this month, you may want to look away) without paying a single penny. Flat Iron are giving away free steaks in London tomorrow (January 10), so if you’re quick, you’ll get be served up a mid-month treat.

Flat Iron took to Instagram to deliver the news of this exciting giveaway, which comes as a thank you for the support the chain has received, and to “brighten up a dull January day”, which I think we can all get behind. Between 12pm and 2pm, each Flat Iron restaurant will have 200 steaks to give away.

Anyone hoping to jump on the offer will likely need to be quick, as its operating on a walk-in, first come first served basis. Once you’re in, you can order a quality steak for free, but sides and drinks will need to be covered by the customer.

Flat Iron have 11 locations scattered around London, meaning there’s 2,200 of these sumptuous steaks to give away. Find your nearest restaurant here, and prepare for a meal to kick away the blues.

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