Give Someone An Experience To Remember With These Amazing Gift Cards

You can treat your loved ones to an unforgettable experience when you give them a Fever gift card this Christmas…

Let’s face it, over the past couple of years we’ve had to spend a lot of time at home; trapped in an existence where baking banana bread, falling down true-crime rabbit holes and workshops over Zoom has become the norm. This Christmas, we wouldn’t blame you if you had your eye on something a little more adventurous – something special that will get you further than the doorstep and maybe even into a whole new world entirely. You likely wouldn’t be the only one itching to experience something new and that makes a Fever gift card a pretty safe bet for a Christmas present. Whether you know of a fellow Bridgerton-binge-watcher or have been swept up in a friend’s fascination with the events of the Titanic, you might just find something to gift them with below.

1. Bridgerton Gift Card

bridgerton ball

bridgerton ball

It seems only days ago that our screens were filled with the empire-waist gowns, barely-veiled barbs and gossip-spreading scandal sheets of Bridgerton. Now, you can gift someone their very own invite to one of the most esteemed balls of the season. Fever have teamed up with Secret Cinema to whisk fans away – with the swish of a floral skirt and the click of a polished boot heel no doubt – into the Regency-era setting of the popular Netflix drama. This Bridgerton gift card allows someone to put themselves in the frills and finery of a member of the Ton: attending an elegant soiree where each guest bestowed with a unique backstory and quest. An evening of music, mingling, secret encounters, daring duels and of course, plenty of wining and dining awaits – grab a gift card for the occasion here.

2. Money Heist Gift Card

Ever had a friend who regularly regales you with stories of their devious pranks? Have an uncle who loves to boast of their quick thinking? Or a sibling who is the master of manipulation – especially when it comes to getting their own way with your parents? This Money Heist gift card might be just the thing for them. You can gift a loved one the chance to dip their toe into the world of high-stakes heists with this immersive experience that plunges you straight into the Spanish crime drama. From the moment they slip on the red jumpsuits and don the moustachioed masks to the second they successfully break into the vault and grab the gold, they’ll be a member of the Money Heist team. Got the perfect person in mind? Grab a gift card here.

3. Titanic: The Exhibition Gift Card

Titanic The Exhibition

Titanic The Exhibition

Stuck on what to get your history-obsessed friend? A gift card to Titanic: The Exhibition will gives them fascinating glimpse into the lives on people on board the doomed vessel. Visitors will be able to dive below the surface of the story as we know it through Jack and Rose, with over 200 original artefacts, reconstructions of both first-class suites and third-class cabins and powerfully moving testimonies from survivors. The journey into the past takes place at the waterside venue Dock X London, with the nearby sound of lapping water only adding to the experience. Plus, if you’re feeling extra generous, you can treat them to the VIP gift card, which offers fast-track entry to the exhibition, a souvenir photograph and the exhibition booklet.

4. Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience Gift Card

The fascinating post-impressionist works of Van Gogh are mesmerising enough in themselves, but this immersive experience takes it to the next level. As soon as you step foot inside the exhibition – passing a wall of giant sunflowers to be met with the expressive eyes of his portraits – you’ll be whisked away into the world of the iconic artist. This is an ideal gift for any art buffs who dream of climbing into the gilded frames of Van Gogh’s famous paintings, inviting them on a magical journey where they’ll discover everything from 360-degree projections, hyper-realistic virtual reality and atmospheric light and sound show. Grab a Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience gift card here.

5. Mexican Geniuses: A Frida & Diego Immersive Experience Gift Card

An artist's rendering of the Mexican Geniuses experience with colourful light patterns and artwork on the walls.

An artist's rendering of the Mexican Geniuses experience with colourful light patterns and artwork on the walls.

Bask in the vibrant colours and paradisiacal paintings of two of the most influential figures in Mexican art: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. A whole new way to experience the masterpieces of these iconic artists, this immersive experience comes to London in April 2022; promising a colourful utopia made up of over 300 projections, cutting edge sound systems and hypnotic light technology. If you fancy brightening up someone’s calendar with an unforgettable experience to look forward to, then Mexican Geniuses: A Frida & Diego Immersive Experience gift card is the ideal present for a loved one this Christmas.

6. Fever Gift Card

If something else has caught your eye or you can’t quite choose which event to go for, then you could always grab a Fever Gift Card. The treasure trove of immersive experiences, candlelight concerts, comedy shows and delicious meals on Fever would make any recipient feel truly spoilt and puts the power in their hands so they can pick whatever suits them the most. Whether you’re after a last-minute gift that still feels special, don’t know what to get the the person who seemingly has everything or are looking for something outside the box, this gift card ticks all the boxes for a memorable Christmas present.

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