Here’s Everything Worth A Watch On Netflix UK This May

We might be well in the mix of actually having a life now that the sun is shining, but Netflix will always have a prominent part in our lives. Especially on hangover Sundays. And this month, they’ve got an epic line-up of new films to keep us entertained – including a number of oldie but goldies and some new offerings, too. Without further ado, here’s everything new on Netflix UK this May.

The Circle (S4), May 4th

Credit: Netflix

The Circle is back, but unfortunately for fans of the Channel 4 version, it’s Netflix’s US version. Still bonkers either way, season 4 will bring a new group of players fighting for the cash prize… But will they stay true to themselves, or catfish the rest of the gang? Watch it from May 4th. 

Clark (S1), May 5th

Credit: Netflix

Bill Skarsgård stars in Clark, a Swedish-language mini-series that tells the story of Clark Olofsson, the man who inspired the term “Stockholm syndrome”. Detailing both the ‘truths and lies’ about the notorious gangster’s early life and criminal career, Clark will show just how Sweden came to love him, despite his many, many crimes. Binge it from May 5th.

The Pentaverate (S1), May 5th

Credit: Netflix

It’s the comeback we never saw coming: Mike Myers… In multiple roles in new Netflix show The Pentaverate. Starring the legend behind Austin Powers alongside Keegan Michael-Key, Ken Jeong and Jennifer Saunders, to name a few, Myers portrays a Canadian journalist working to uncover the truth about a secret society, that’s been controlling the world since the 1300s. Naturally, the series is a comedy, so expect plenty of silly laughs along the way. Watch it from May 5th.

Selling Sunset: Reunion, May 6th

Credit: Netflix

After a seriously juicy season which ended on a little bit of a cliffhanger, the Selling Sunset girls are set to reunite on camera – in a first-ever Selling Sunset reunion. Hosted by beloved Queer Eye stylist Tan France, the reunion will see the stars unpack the drama of the last season, while giving fans some much-anticipated updates on what happens next for the luxury real estate agents. Interestingly, Christine Quinn has skipped out on the reunion due to COVID, so unfortunately, we won’t be seeing any face-to-face scraps between Christine and the girls. The reunion does, however, promise to be pretty heated and emotional, so don’t worry guys, there’ll be plenty of gossip in store. Watch it on May 6th.

Our Father, May 11th

Ok, so we had to include the trailer for this one, because it looks absolutely bonkers. Dropping on May 11th, Our Father tells the outright insane story of the fertility doctor Donald Cline, who fathered at least 50 children (without the mother’s consent) back in the 70s and 80s. It might well actually be Netflix’s most shocking documentary yet. See the trailer above and judge for yourself.

Senior Year, May 13th

Credit: Netflix

Rebel Wilson is back in a brand new comedy, and this time, she’s going back to high school. Stephanie (Wilson) falls into a coma right before her senior year prom, where the cheerleader expects to become Prom Queen. 20 years later, when she awakes from her coma to find that high school is long over, Stephanie decides to go back to school to reclaim her title. Watch it on May 13th.

Jackass 4.5, May 20th

Credit: MTV Entertainment

Following the recent release of Jackass Forever, fans of the daredevil gang will be able to view unseen stunts and footage from the movie, in a brand new film titled Jackass 4.5. Expect outtakes, tons of behind-the-scenes, and, of course, fun stunts from original Jackass members Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Dave England, Wee Man, Danger Ehren, Chris Pontius and Preston Lacy. Watch it on May 20th. 

Stranger Things Vol.4, May 27th

Credit: Netflix

After a long hiatus, Stranger Things is finally returning. The first half of volume 4 will drop this May, and it promises to be worth the wait. Expect shocking revelations about beloved characters, a new and horrifying supernatural threat, tons of new friends, and even the beginnings of the end of the Upside Down. It’s expected to be the biggest season yet, and will be the penultimate outing ahead of the final season 5. Binge it from May 27th.

Other highlights

  • Better Call Saul (S6), every Tuesday
  • Wild Babies (S1), May 5th
  • The Lincoln Lawyer (S1), May 13th
  • Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror, May 18th
  • A Perfect Pairing, May 19th

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