Interrail Have Just Released Half-Price Passes To Celebrate 50 Years Of Unlimited European Travel

Let’s face it: we’re extremely lucky to live in a time and place where unlimited train travel around the continent is possible. Exploring the hidden gems and stunning sights of Europe will never get boring, and these train routes play a large part in making this a possibility for many.

To celebrate 50 years since this unlimited travel through their service began, Interrail are slashing the cost of their passes, and you could get your hands on one for half the usual price. With one booking, Interrail passes allow travellers to set off across Europe for a specific time period.

A ticket in the discount will guarantee you travel with their longer “global pass” across 33 countries over the space of one, two, or three months.

Interrail’s flash sale began this morning (May 6), and you’ll need to be quick to take advantage of this bargain, as it closes at 11:59pm on May 10. If ever there was a time to finally stop putting off sorting those summer plans, it’s now! But if you’re all booked up over the foreseeable, don’t swear. Digital passes purchased now can be used any time within the next 11 months, so there’s plenty of time for you to fit your adventure in.

One month passes cost £279 (€335) in the sale, with rates getting better for the longer bookings. £304 (€366) gets you two months of travel, and a three-month ticket will cost you £375 (€451), which evens out to around a fiver per-day.

Those aged under-27 will enjoy an even cheaper experience on top of the discount, with an added 25% reduction to their fare, with those over-60 also entitled to 10% off.

Passes generally apply to trains, including overnight slow trains that offer vital time for you to get your much-needed shut-eye in. They are also valid on some ferry routes, though this may require additional port fees.

Browse Interrail passes to book your journey here

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