London Is In For A Bout Of Unseasonably Warm Weather This Weekend

Incoming warm weather means the snow days are done for the foreseeable.

You’ve probably noticed that it’s been pretty chilly in London recently, unless you’ve been intelligently hibernating, but it looks like that’s all about to change. London is in for an unseasonably warm spell of weather this weekend, with temperatures of 16oC potentially heading our way on Saturday and Sunday. It’s just a slight change from the bitterly cold weather we’ve had lately, which, although delighting us with several snow days, has made February in lockdown a particularly frigid prospect.

Warm weather
[BBC Weather]

16 whole degrees? Basically British Summer Time, isn’t it! Whilst not all sources are predicting such giddy highs (the Met Office and Apple Weather both opt for 14oC), all forecasts are markedly higher than the 8oC average for February in London, and if that’s not a cause for celebration then we don’t know what is.

The warm spell probably won’t last long for us to stow those scarves and coats in the back of our wardrobes, though. Remember the weather wisdom:

Warm weather

Warm weather

Still, it gives us a chance to take our lockdown walks in marginally warmer weather, so we’ll take the wins wherever we find them. Enjoy the sunshine, London!

It’s a big swing from last week, when it was so cold that part of the Thames froze over!

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