London’s Amazing Miniature Art Exhibition Is Now Open

Fancy feeling like a giant and soaking up some wonderful art from an entirely new perspective? London’s newly-arrived Small Is Beautiful exhibition shines the spotlight on the incredible works of 32 miniature artists who give ‘attention to detail’ a whole new meaning. Soon, you could be peering down at tiny figures playing tennis on a watermelon, micro butterflies smaller than your finger tip and shrunken-down city streets that make a kitten look the size of Godzilla.

tiny figurines play tennis on a watermelon in an image found at London's Small is Beautiful exhibition.
© Minimiam

If you’re partial to a stroll through a model village, are sick of standing on your tiptoes to peer over the heaving crowds at a gig or always craved a bite of that cake that made Alice grow to a ludicrous size in Wonderland, this fascinating exhibit will be right up your street. Small Is Beautiful is an immersive exhibition that whisks you away to a poetic world, where precision is key and creativity reaches new – ironically tiny – heights.

You can indulge your inner child as you take in the small-scale works of art; seeing entire landscapes contained in a tiny space and learning all about the artistic process that goes into making such microscopic pieces. The otherworldly experience is one of the largest exhibitions to be entirely devoted to miniature art; showcasing a style that has already been delighting people across the globe on social media. Just take a look at the hashtag #MiniatureArt to see the amount of followers the phenomenon has already won over.

a hand holding a paintbrush hovers before a tiny shop front sculpture
© Nicolas Pierre

Over the course of the extraordinary 75-minute experience, you’ll encounter everything from tiny fruits and astoundingly small paintings to ant-sized figurines and petite photographs. There are over 130 exclusive artworks and 80 photos to admire in total. Plus, there’ll even be 15 workshops where curious children can dip their toes in the minuscule universe and a pop-up shop on site. This experience will enchant people of all ages, sending you on a fantastical journey where a bottle cap becomes a boat, lego figures take on gummy crocodiles and an entire plate of sushi is no bigger than your finger nail.

Small Is Beautiful: Miniature Art Exhibition

From £11.50

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