London’s Craziest Cocktail Bar Serves Up Drinks That Have To Be Seen To Be Believed • Incognito

Have you ever sat down in a cocktail bar and bemoaned that you didn’t have to walk through a rainforest to get to your table? Ever complained that the glass your cocktail came in was just too simple and uninteresting? Or perhaps that there was not enough flair or pizzazz with the arrival of your drink? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ll want to head straight to Incognito Cocktail Bar in Kingston.

The rainforest dotted with miniature hot air balloons in the entrance-way to Incognito
Credit: Incognito

Upon arrival, make your way through the rainforest that hides the entrance as you start your cocktail journey. Keep an eye out for miniature hot-air balloons that dot the air around you. Inside, the bar itself screams opulence with the vaulted ceilings yet cosy vibe. And be sure to visit the toilets (how often do people recommend that?) for an unforgettable experience. We won’t say any more on that, just suffice to say you have to check them out.

After having been seated, order from a menu that more resembles a children’s fantasy book than a compendium of cocktails. Full of spiralling colours and ornate illustration, each cocktail is accompanied by a story from the venue’s mysterious fictitious landlord, Chadwick Smithfield. Cocktail names are enigmatic and inspiring, allowing you to dream up theatrical visions that don’t even come close to what you are served. Choose from such delights as A Royal Charlie Foxtrot, the Royal Prescription, the Eton Mess, the sharing Holy Grail, and many, many more. Drinks can come nestled into a bathtub overflowing with bubbles, inside a butterfly conservatory, or hidden within a life-size diver’s helmet. Some even come with arcade games on the side that offer you the chance to win a free shot!

Not a cocktail drinker?

There’s also a mind-boggling selection of spirits, wines, craft beers, sodas, and virgin cocktails. Fancy a G&T? Perhaps that might seem a bit pedestrian, but they’ve more than got you covered. Ask for the Encyclopedia Gin And Tonica, and order from their selection of 50 gins, each “perfectly paired with a plethora of complimenting botanicals and garnishes”. While they may pride themselves on their specialty cocktails, they’re clearly more than happy to cater to any customer’s tastes.

Incognito also has a location over in Winchester where you can expect a similarly over-the-top experience. A third location is also on the way in Richmond, trebling your chance to try out their fantastic cocktails.

To book in for drinks at Incognito Kensington, head to their website.

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