London’s Mean Girls-Themed Afternoon Tea Is Totally Fetch

This Mean Girls afternoon tea has sandwiches for you, cakes for me, and none for Gretchen Wieners, bye.

Get in loser, we’re going scoffing. London has a Mean Girls afternoon tea, and somehow, you’ve not been yet. I don’t know whether you’ve been wasting time hanging out with the Mathletes, but whatever the case, you really do need to grab the greatest people you will ever meet, get your tickets here, and head on over when it returns on May 22.

Mean Girls
Photo: @duolondon

DUO London are hosting the gloriously pink tea, which features such delights as So Fetch Macarons (strawberry-flavoured mini macarons), “Full Of Secrets” Giant Meringue Lollipop (chewy marshmallow hidden inside a crispy raspberry meringue), and “You Can’t Sit With Us” cake (vanilla sponge filled with strawberry and vanilla buttercream) – which honestly sounds delicious in spite of how it feels about us. Plus, there’s a range of sandwiches, from meat options such as smoked salmon and chicken mayo, to vegetarian and vegans options like red pepper, aubergine, and pesto. Oh, and thankfully, there’s not a Kälteen bar in sight.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls

There’s even a Burn Book to hand, where you can work out your frustrations about commuters, landlords, bad dates, and a certain coronavirus pandemic. Hey, it’s not quite a cake filled with rainbows and smiles, but it’ll hit the spot very nicely indeed!

That’s So Fetch! Afternoon Tea

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