Lost Parrot That Wouldn’t Stop Making Tube Announcements Recovered At London Waterloo Station

Rise up, our new voice of TFL.

Being a pet parrot must be a quiet old life. That is, until you escape and go on a two-day expedition to Waterloo station to get a true sense of London’s hustle ‘n’ bustle.

That’s exactly what happened to Grey, the two-year old African parrot from Tadworth who made a twenty-mile journey to precisely that spot. And the best part? He wouldn’t stop making tube announcements. Gotta admit, “See it. Say it. Sorted” does worm its way into your head every once in a while.

After returning home to Karlene Boyce and his family, he’s now prone to telling everyone to “keep left” as well as doing a cracking impression of the trains screeching on the lines as they head down the tracks. Plus, he knows the “bing bong” sound before the announcement commences. Not bad for a day at the station, eh?

After causing his family an almighty scare, he was safely recovered after the British Transport Police issue a callout on Twitter. Grey was found by two transport officers, before spending the night at Birdline’s safe house and then heading home.

Now, he’s said to have happily settled back in just as he was before, with the additional train announcements. We gather he’s heard good things about the Bar-beak-an at this time of year.

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