Pubs Could Soon Require Proof Of A COVID-19 Vaccine

The policy could ban drinkers without a COVID-19 vaccine from entering pubs.

In a discussion with the Liaison Committee on March 24, Boris Johnson has said that it may be up to individual landlords to decide whether or not customers without a COVID-19 vaccine are permitted to enter their establishment. This could mean that pubs might soon ask drinkers for proof of immunity, for example in the form of a vaccine passport, prior to entry. (Featured image: Unsplash, Victor Clime)

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COVID-19 vaccination passports have already been the subject of discussion when it comes to international travel and care homes, but proof of immunity could soon also be required for everyday life activities, such as visiting the pub. When proposed with the possibility of that happening, the Prime Minister responded: “I think that is the kind of thing that may be up to individual publicans and landlords.”

As part of England’s roadmap out of lockdown, pubs are permitted to resume outdoor service and takeaways as soon as April 12, with indoor dining and drinking returning on May 17.

As of today, this is how many people have received the coronavirus vaccine in the UK.

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