Recapture The Iconic Jazz Age In Stunning Candlelight This New Year

Step into a speakeasy-style wonderland to celebrate the New Year.

The world has fallen in love with the luxurious, indulgent Jazz Age. In the heady days of early 1920s America, the prohibition of alcohol ironically gave rise to raucous private parties. These were the kinds of parties that nobody could afford to miss. This glitz and glamour dissipated in 1929 but you can still recapture this amazing era with Fever’s brilliant candlelit concert, featuring 20s Jazz hits!

At 4:30pm, 6:30pm, or 8:30pm on January 2, attendees to this spectacular soiree can expect to roll right into The Roaring Twenties. In the stunning and grandiose St Mary Magdalene Church, lit by beautiful candlelight, you could easily be in the Jazz capitals of the ’20s, Chicago, or New York. Don’t worry if you’re not too familiar with Jazz music. You’ll soon be hearing the best of the best from the ’20s Jazz scene. Then, watch the candles flicker and cast entrancing shadows to the music of Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby. So, if your kind of music is more Jay-Z than Duke Ellington, you can definitely make those shadows Charleston to either, or better, both!

The Sound Express Band will provide phenomenal live music, transporting you back to another time. And, let’s face it, we could all do with some time-traveling escapism at the moment! Seats are allocated on arrival, but where you sit will depend on which of the ticket types you purchase:

🎫 Band A ticket for 1 person (great visibility)
🎫 Band B ticket for 1 person (good visibility)
🎫 Band C ticket for 1 person (regular visibility)
🎫 Band D ticket for 1 person (regular to low visibility)

You can visit Fever’s website for more details on seating and the event as a whole, but guests should arrive 30 minutes before their booking time to allow everyone to enjoy themselves thoroughly.

👉 Get your tickets here.

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