Shop At One Of These 60 Sustainable Brands And You Can Earn Incredible Rewards

Look after the planet and earn amazing rewards while you’re at it!

Calling all conscious shoppers! Want to discover eco-friendly products and ethical stores that you like, that are also trustworthy and transparent about their processes? Well, we might just have found a solution for you! With Club Rakuten, you can discover sustainable and ethical brands as you shop and earn rewards as you go.

In fact, with every purchase from one of their sustainable brands, you’ll earn double Rakuten Points and get a free eBook of The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells from Rakuten Kobo. And that’s just the beginning! Don’t forget you can redeem your Rakuten Points for rewards of your choice – from gift cards, to eBooks to blockbuster hits on Rakuten TV.

rakuten sustainable brands

rakuten sustainable brands

To make things easier for you to navigate the world of sustainable shopping, Club Rakuten has identified brands based on 4 criteria: Circular, Eco-Friendly, Organic & Vegan, and Gives Back. So you can support brands that do good and do their part. 

 ♻️ Circular: These brands are all about minimising waste, pollution and carbon emissions by reusing, repairing and recycling products to create a circular system. So do you can discover preloved bargains and vintage classics.  

 💚 Eco-Friendly: These brands ensure their products are made from sustainably-farmed materials to lower environmental impact e.g. loss of habitat, wildlife depletion or resource degradation. They also have systems in place to reduce waste from production or packaging.

 🌱 Organic and Vegan: These brands are committed to looking after the land, water and soil – you’ll find no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or genetic modification here! Vegan finds are also free from all animal products, so if you’re looking to upgrade your beauty and skincare to natural, organic and vegan products then these are the brands for you.

 🤝 Gives Back: Brands which donate their products, money or services to charity organisations or communities in need. 

Plus, there are a whopping 50+ brands on Rakuten that will cater for all your sustainable needs. Whether you’re shopping for the best in fashion, beauty and homeware, making tech swaps or going vegan – you’ll find plenty of choice at your fingertips. Go on, have a browse!


TOMS – This iconic shoe brand donates a pair of shoes for every pair you buy and since 2006 they’ve given away nearly 100 million pairs of shoes to children who need them. TOMS now also donates £1 of every £3 it makes to organisations supporting mental health, safety and equal opportunity.

Know The Origin – Founded after the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh in 2013, Know The Origin is a platform that acts as a transparency-focussed hub for ethical brands so that consumers can see every step of how their products are grown and sewn.

löfte – Want sustainable Scandi-style? Make löfte your go-to. Their collection of luxury brands use ethically sourced materials and they also donate 20% of their profits to eco-conscious charities.

Bamboo Clothing – Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant that is a great alternative to cotton due to its fast growing speed, and the fact it requires less water and pesticides. It’s also super soft and absorbent so it’s great for activewear! If you’re looking for a sustainable swap for your yoga gear, Bamboo Clothing is the one.

Monsoon – You’ve probably heard of this fashion and lifestyle brand, but did you know that they use responsibly sourced fibres, sustainable fabrics and support craftspeople in small communities and villages to ensure they have improved working conditions and livelihoods? The Monsoon Accessorize Trust also helps over 10,000 women and children throughout Asia with life-changing projects in income-generation, healthcare and education.

Planet Warrior – Fight plastic waste with Planet Warrior, the brand that makes swish sportswear all made from recycled plastic bottles. You can get everything from leggings and sports bras to yoga mats!

66°North – This brand from Iceland exemplifies the longstanding Icelandic virtues of resilience, making things that last, never wasting anything, and harmonising with nature. It’s also carbon neutral, circular, and an incredible example of a new (yet also very old – it was founded in 1926) kind of sustainable company.

Mashu – This sustainable accessories label might be based in London, but it’s heart lies in Greece! Each beautiful contemporary handbag takes inspiration from designer Ioanna Topouzoglou’s home country and is made by combining innovative fabrics with traditional craftsmanship. Each collection uses vegan, sustainable and recyclable materials including hemp and Pinatex (vegan leather made from pineapple leaves!).

Ninety Percent – This London-based sustainable womenswear label shares 90% of their profits between charitable causes and the people on the ground who make their collections happen. We love to see a local business in the spotlight!

Dr. Martens – For foot-stompingly good shoes, Dr. Martens has always delivered. But did you know that they are also committed to reducing their environmental impact and ensuring their workers are treated fairly? Now that’s a sustainability prescription we can get behind!

WUKA – This female-led start up makes reusable, leak-proof, sustainable period wear so that you can Wake Up Kick Ass whether you’re on your period or not! Their products, packaging and processes are also all geared towards reducing waste and delivering effective, eco-friendly sanitary products.

SFJALL Sunglasses – These high-quality sunglasses are not only totally recyclable themselves, but for every pair purchased SFJALL funds five trees to be planted in Mozambique through their partner SettleUp Earth!

Free People – Feel good when you shop the breezy bohemian fashion of Free People, knowing that with Care FP, they are on a mission to reduce their environmental impact and leave a positive imprint on the planet and throughout their communities. From the way they make and design their products, to packaging and shipping, and the people, brands, and non-profit organizations they partner with – it’s all conscious.

Modibodi – Modibodi do incredibly comfortable period, leak and sweat proof performance underwear, activewear and swimwear. Providing you with reusable, eco-friendly apparel to manage all life’s leaks in a way that’s better for your body and the planet.

Beyond Retro – Shop circular and help save the planet at Beyond Retro, the leading vintage retailer across the UK and Sweden! Last year alone, alongside their parent company Bank and Vogue, they rehomed 90 million preloved items. Amazing!

Wolven – Move your body in eco-friendly, ethical, multifunctional garments from Wolven that are perfect for hitting the mat, or the dance floor! They use 84% recycled plastic, invest in carbon offset initiatives, and keep packaging as minimal and low-impact as possible. Don your Wolven gear and let your day-to-day decisions fight back against fast fashion and champion sustainability.

Skincare & Beauty

Liz Earle – Let’s be honest we all love to pause the button for the day and soak in a steaming hot bath. Luckily Liz Earle’s huge range of oils, treatments, bath gels, foams and salts, has us all swooning. The incredible brand is committed to building relationships with their farmers. So we can enjoy quality ingredients which don’t harm the environment or the community. After all, beauty is more than just skin deep.

Burt’s Bees – We’ve all got a friend who’s sick of us borrowing their Burt’s Bees lip balm. Little did we know the amazing care products have all been produced in environmentally friendly environments. From their land-fill free operations to water restoration projects, Burt’s Bees makes it clear that they’re eco-friendly. So maybe it’s time to invest in some products of your own?

Love The Planet – Let’s discover plastic free makeup with Love The Planet! This zero waste mineral makeup collection started off as a kitchen based project in 2002. Now it’s won a load of incredible awards, and we can’t say we’re surprised. Explore it’s range of beautiful makeup, free from palm oil and parabens, and NEVER tested on animals.

REN Skincare – REN is set on giving you visible results from skincare that isn’t full of shady ingredients. Sounds glorious, right? Ingredients your skin would choose, from sustainable sources and sustainably packaged. Because let’s be honest, great skincare shouldn’t cost the earth.

Facetheory – Enjoy 100% vegan, cruelty free natural skincare with Facetheory. The incredible brand uses minimal plastic and cardboard delivery boxes from recycled materials. Plus all the products have sensitive skin in mind. So you can bear the planet in mind whilst looking fresh faced!

Big Green Smile – From make-up and beauty to natural cleaners and baby care, Big Green Smile has it all. You’ll be spoiled with the best and widest range of organic, natural, cruelty free and environmentally friendly products.

Truthbrush – Want to find a little way to make a big difference? Then, Truthbrush is for you. These award-winning toothbrushes, loved by dentists, are the ultimate choice for your gnashers. Made of sustainably sourced bamboo and plant-based bristles, these products are an easy switch and also very ethical!


Bloom & Wild – This amazing online florist helps you send gorgeous flowers to your loved ones without hurting the planet. Not only is their letterbox packaging 100% recyclable, but they also offset their carbon emissions and send a grand total of zero waste to landfill from their warehouses.

Natural Collection – You can shop loads of eco-friendly products and ethical brands at Natural Collection, including organic cotton and fair trade clothes and accessories, homeware, organic beauty cosmetics, Eco-cleaning products, and more!

Oxfam Online Shop – Shop preloved bargains and unique treasures in Oxfam’s Online Shop and help fight poverty and injustice around the world. You’ll be able to browse clothes, homeware, vinyl, books and more and proceeds all go towards Oxfam’s life-changing charity work.

&Keep – Make easy everyday lifestyle changes with &Keep’s huge range of mindfully selected, eco-friendly, reusable and sustainable products. From bathroom essentials to skincare to lunchboxes – they’ve got eco-friendly swaps galore! All their products are all cruelty-free and not tested on animals, and most of their products are completely plastic-free too!

Smidge – Want to fill your kitchen cupboards, lunch boxes and handbags with even more stylish reusable swag? Smidge is the answer. From insulated water bottles to reusable coffee cups, stainless steel lunchboxes to reusable straws, beeswax & vegan wax wraps and silicone food covers, Smidge products are an easy way to embrace sustainable living on the go.

Rainbow Life – You can find gorgeous ethical and sustainable homeware, candles, health and beauty products, and jewellery at Rainbow Life. Choose from a selection of fair trade, organic, vegan, zero-waste, eco-friendly, handcrafted items, all ethically and globally sourced.

Global WAKEcup – Drink your morning coffee and daily water intake from a stylish, sustainably sourced Global WAKEcup made from natural recyclable materials like bamboo, stainless steel, copper and glass. Not only is this zero waste reusables brand fighting to end single use plastic pollution for good, but they also donate 10% of all their profits to the Marine Conservation Society!

24 Bottles – Stay hydrated, sustainably with 24Bottles. You’ll never want to buy a disposable plastic bottle ever again once you get your hands on one of these carbon neutral water bottles. 24Bottles calculates the carbon footprint of their bottles, from raw material to production, and from packaging to transport and the entire volume of their CO2 emissions is completely offset and absorbed by the trees they plant in Oxygen, their forest. Yep, they have a whole forest – how cool is that?

Arena Flowers – Another great sustainable and eco-friendly online florist is Arena Flowers. They work directly with Fairtrade farms to help minimise the environmental impact of their supply chain, and deliver the freshest flowers possible every time!

Ethical Superstore – The Ethical Superstore makes it so easy for you to make conscious shopping choices on your everyday essentials. They offer eco-friendly alternatives to day-to-day items such as fashion, food, cosmetics and cleaning products that do as little harm to the environment as possible. And you can rest easy that all their goods are fairly traded, so no one is exploited in the supply chain to bring you your products.

Social Stories Club – You can buy the cutest socially-conscious gift hampers from Social Stories Club. Every product inside the gift supports a different social cause, so all through one gift, you could help fund reforestation, reduce food waste, and support disadvantaged communities. The perfect present for an eco-conscious friend!

Preloved – Buy and sell preloved items and help Preloved on their mission to reduce landfill. Also, you can even use this platform to give a pet a forever home!

LARQ – These sleek water bottles might look like the definition of simplicity but LARQ’s award-winning design packs quite a punch. Designed to destroy 99.9% of bacteria and germs, these bottles will bring you the cleanest, purest water possible. And, as LARQ are members of the 1% for the Planet network, a portion of your purchase will help fund environmental non-profits around the world and bring safe drinking water to billions of people worldwide. Sip your water and support a great cause.


Bedfolk – Nothing beats ridiculously soft sheets and cosy quilts. But how about environmentally friendly ones? No harmful chemicals or artificial dyes. Just pure, natural sheets that get softer and softer with use, all ethically made, with the strictest of eco standards! We know we’ll be sleeping soundly.

Mela – Sleep better while you shop consciously with Mela, the brand that creates high quality, natural anti-stress blankets to improve sleep and reduce anxiety and gives back to good causes while they’re at it!

Gibie – Discover the finest linen products at GIBIE. This PETA-approved Vegan brand, following fair trade practices, uses natural fibres and dyes as an alternative to today’s chemical-intensive textile dyeing industry. So if you’re hoping to be more eco-conscious after soaking in a bath then GIBIE is for you. The brand was even amongst the 100 green companies that were selected for the distinguished Green Product Award 2020 in Germany. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Bower Collective – Order everything you need to eliminate waste from your home and live a plastic free life with Bower Collective! The brand is passionate about ensuring your home is stocked with products that are good for you and good for the planet. So you can have a sparkling pad whilst being environmentally-conscious!

Smol – It’s the little things that add up to make a big difference when it comes to switching to sustainable products and smol understands this better than most. They deliver high performance, eco-friendly cleaning products to your home at great prices, helping you make a smol switch with a big impact. They champion plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging wherever possible and are cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified.

EDF Energy – One of the big six suppliers in the UK, EDF Energy is the UK’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity. It owns and operates eight nuclear power stations and 35 wind farms that generate that zero-carbon electricity, leading the charge away from fossil fuels.

Panda – Curl up amidst cosy and eco-friendly pillows, bedding, duvets and bath towels all made from 100% bamboo fibre. Panda uses their expertise and careful production practices to bring you lasting, safe and easy to look after products that feel (and look) amazing. And by choosing a bamboo product over cotton you’ll be preventing huge amounts of water waste.

Food & Drink

Dash Water – This delicious infused water has no calories, sugars or sweeteners. Instead, Dash Water infuses their sparkling water with real, wonky, bent, crushed and misshapen fruit that others don’t want. It tastes great and cuts down on food waste!

Myvegan – Going vegan but want to make sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need? You can enjoy delicious natural, plant-based products that taste amazing with Myvegan. From protein powders to tasty snacks, you’ll find everything you need to fuel your vegan journey.

Planet Organic – Get all your organic food, veggies and products from Planet Organic, the UK’s largest fully certified organic supermarket! There’s loads of choice, so you’ll be spoiled for choice with all the great, organic produce on offer.

graze – Healthy snacking doesn’t get more delicious than graze! And you can tuck in knowing that graze is committed to making their processes and products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. They’ve pledged to go carbon neutral by 2030, and all the electricity at their factory and bakery is already 100% carbon neutral (from a windfarm in Scotland). They source their ingredients ethically and are also working on making their packaging as recyclable and sustainable as possible. We love to hear it!

Good Hemp – We all know that dairy farms aren’t the most eco-friendly, so if you’ve switched to dairy milk alternatives you ought to give Good Hemp a go. This little Devon-based brand makes tasty hemp based food and drink including plant-based milks, oils, proteins and even CBD. Sustainability never tasted so good.

GreenBay – Greenbay is London’s First 100% Vegan Supermarket and they now have an online supermarket delivering across the UK and Northern Europe too. They’re your one-stop shop for plant-based food products, cruelty-free beauty and hair products, cleaning supplies, and even vegan dog food!

Britt’s Superfoods – Get your daily dose of *health* sustainably, with Britt’s Superfoods. They sell 100% pure, natural, vegan and gluten-free Wheatgrass juice and SuperFood juices, all free from synthetics, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives. They also use traditional organic deep root farming methods and crop rotation techniques in order to protect the environment while making their Superfoods!


My Scoot – Electric scooters are an efficient, economical and environmentally sustainable way to get around – plus, they’re really fun. My Scoot is the official UK stockist of Inokim, Xiaomi, Zukboard, Segway and Unagi electric scooters, offering free delivery and bespoke customer service to help your switch to scooter-ing even easier!

Envirofone – Recycle your old mobile phones and tech with Envirofone and do your bit to help the environment. Once you’ve traded in your old device, they’ll either repair and refurbish it if possible, or, if the device is a little too worse for wear, they’ll recycle it to reduce any impact on the planet.

Giffgaff Recycle – Another great phone recycling programme is giffgaff Recycle. All your old handsets will either be re-used or ethically recycled, reducing mobile e-waste and cutting down on the number of phones that go to a landfill. They’ve also partnered with the Neighbourly Foundation, so you can donate part of the value of your phone and help make a difference to local communities.

Music Magpie – Got an old iPad knocking about, or stacks of CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays you haven’t touched in years? You can sell your old, unwanted entertainment and tech on Music Magpie in exchange for cash or store credit – and you’ll earn Points on every successful transaction. You can also buy great quality refurbished tech there too, helping to reduce CO2 emissions, e-waste and save valuable materials, all while saving hundreds of pounds. Savvy and sustainable!

Electric Rider – Get your hands on great Electric Bicycles, Scooters, Mopeds and Motorbikes at Electric Rider and take a step towards a more sustainable future. Oh, and for every personal electric vehicle purchase that you make, Electric Rider plant a tree.

And don’t forget that with every purchase from one of these amazing sustainable brands, you’ll earn double Rakuten Points and get a free Rakuten Kobo eBook!

What are you waiting for? Sign up to Club Rakuten for free and start earning rewards!

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