The Breathtaking Mayfair Restaurant Inspired By The Rainforest • Amazonico

After making a splash in Madrid, Amazonico has brought the rainforest to London.

Can we just all admit that the Amazon jungle is thoroughly overworked right now? Not only is it the lungs of the planet, producing over 20% of the world’s oxygen whilst simultaneously fighting off myriad threats to its existence, but it’s also busy providing restaurant inspo to chefs around the world. Look no further than Amazonico, a lush, rainforest-themed restaurant that opened in the capital at the end of 2019.

True, the city does have precedent with rainforest restaurants—witness the long-standing Rainforest Cafe, or SUSHISAMBA’s lush Covent Garden joint—but Amazonico is an altogether fancier beast. Their Madrid restaurant regularly pulls in the celebrities, and the aesthetic and Mayfair location virtually guarantees that London’s version will do the same. Per cofounder and chef Sandro Silva, “Amazonico is a journey, a trip down the Amazon river through Brazil, Colombia, Peru.” With the eye-catching décor, it’s a trip for sure.

London’s restaurant hewed close to the Madrid blueprint, with lush foliage hanging from the ceiling, exotic animals stalking the undergrowth, and a plush green-and-gold colour scheme that I’m seriously coveting right now. There’s no doubt about it: this place is one of the prettiest restaurants in the capital.

Food at Amazonico trends, unsurprisingly, towards the tropical, with largely Brazilian dishes spiced up with Asian and Mediterranean flavours – think high-end churrascaria, tandoori, and poke bowls. They also specialise in a slow-roasted, caramelised pineapple, gently spun over the heat for four hours — quite frankly, I’m devastated I don’t have one right now.

Meanwhile, Amazonico’s in-house sushi bar means you certainly won’t be short on food options here. There’s also nightly jazz performances in the offing, which can only add another veneer of classiness to proceedings. Hey, if you’re honouring the most amazing rainforest on Earth, you’d better make something special…

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