The Delightful ‘Dining In The Dark’ Experience Is Returning To London

It is said that in the absence of one sense, the others grow stronger to compensate. Well, what better place to put that to the test than at a Dining in the Dark restaurant experience? On this unique evening out, you’ll indulge in a decadent three-course meal – the sign of all good science experiments, we say – while blindfolded and seated in a darkened environment. With a lack of sight, you’ll need to engage your smell and taste in a new way to work out what exactly is gracing your plate.

Dining in the Dark, which promises to “elevate your meal to a whole new level”, will be hosted by a London restaurant later this year. Whether on a date, with a mate, or feasting with the family, it promises to be an exciting way to enjoy your food.

Dining in the Dark

Dining in the DarkUpon arrival, you’ll enter the darkened environment, receive a (disposable) blindfold to prevent any peeking, and then the main event will begin. There are three menu options: the red menu, which champions meat in its courses; the blue menu, for those who prefer seafood dishes; and the green menu, ideal for those following a vegan diet. While you’ll be unable to select exactly what’s on your plate, allergies and dietary requirements will be catered for.

Dining in the Dark

Dining in the DarkFrom the sensational starters to the sweet desserts, the flavours and textures of each course will be intensified as your senses of smell and taste do all the work. In fact, the experience has been backed by psychologists as an ‘amplified’ way to enjoy food. The whole experience will last around 90 minutes, so why not take an afternoon away from the bright lights of the big city and head inside for a meal under the cover of darkness…

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