The Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Whether you choose to play golf as a way to relax on the weekend or take it with more of a competitive attitude, one thing is for sure – every golfer wants to achieve that perfect swing.

Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Regardless of how long you’ve been playing for, getting your swing to a level of perfection takes a lot of practice. With some patience and the right advice, you can hone your skills and get that killer golf swing that will make you King or Queen of the green.

We’ve put together this ultimate guide to perfecting your golf swing, which is packed full of hints and tips that will help you get your swing where you want it to be. We’ll also highlight any errors that might be getting in the way of your progress, helping you to save time and focus on getting it right the first time.

Keep reading for our detailed step by step guide to getting that perfect swing, and then prepare yourself for the amazed looks you’ll be getting from your competitors next time you step out onto the course to show off your new skills!

Addressing The Ball & Posture

Before you even take a swing at a golf ball, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your posture is correct, and that your ball is in the right position. By doing this, you’ll increase the chances of getting that perfect swing, and eliminating any posture issues that have been holding you back so far.

Ball Position

When lining up your shot, you want to aim to have the sole of your club’s head laying flush against the ground. Typically, the ball will be located directly in front of you, somewhere in between your feet, and the distance from the ball to your feet will gradually increase away from you as you move up club sizes.

For instance, when using a short iron, the ball will be much closer to you than it will be when you’re using a longer club.

If you’re positioning your ball on a tee, it should be placed so that the centre of the ball (it’s equator, if you will) is as high as the crown of the driver. If you’re going to be using a flat iron, the ball needs to be positioned on the tee just off of the ground, so it’s as flush with the club as possible.

Foot Position

Depending on what shot you’re taking, your feet need to be positioned in a way that allows for the club size you’ll be using. For example, if your shot requires a longer club, such as a driver, then your feet need to be spaced apart further than they would if you were using a shorter club.

Stance and Alignment

Getting your stance correct is imperative to getting that perfect swing. When addressing the ball, your weight needs to be evenly distributed between both of your feet, so make sure that you’re not leaning or placing too much weight on just one of your feet. A 50/50 weight split between the two feet is what you need to aim for.


There are three main ways to grip your club, and finding the one that you’re most comfortable with will definitely help you perfect your swing.

Knee Flex

Your knees need to be bent comfortably as to support the weight of your torso and help evenly distribute your weight between your feet. Keep the knee flex soft, and be careful to not lock them in place.

Spine Position

Your torso needs to be pointed towards the ball when you address it, and the angle of your spine needs to be positioned to create enough space between your hands and your hips to allow your hands to move freely.

Chin Position

The position of your chin when you’re stepping up to the ball isn’t really something that gets a lot of thought. However, it is a really important part of getting your posture correct and, ultimately, getting that perfect swing.


Once you’ve got your stance, posture and ball set up correctly, you’ll be moving into the takeaway.

Club Position

There are three different paths you can take when you’re perfecting your takeaway. The first of these is the ‘inside takeaway’, which is the best technique for a draw or a hook.

Clubface Position

Like the position of the club, the actual position of the clubface is also a very important factor to consider. There are three clubface positions, but only one of these will give you the takeaway you need to line up the perfect shot.

Shifting Weight

As you know, your body weight needs to be evenly distributed between both of your feet as you address the ball. As you follow the sequence of movements, up into your backswing and down into your downswing, the weight of your feet that was once evenly distributed will gradually shift into your left foot.

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Dan Smith
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