The USA Is Lifting Its Travel Ban For Vaccinated Brits From November

Pack your bags, we’re off to the states!

In more or less every Brit lives the desire to visit the US at least once in a lifetime (stop pretending – we know you wanna go). Whether you’re after a ‘vacation’ to sunny Florida, a road trip around the South, or a visit to the North, to Philly or NYC, it’s probably in the back of your mind somewhere.

St. Augustine, Florida – Unsplash

So, we were over the moon to hear that Brits can once again begin booking trips over yonder to the United States Of America, which is opening up to vaccinated tourists from the UK and EU in November. For those with family across the pond, it will have been a long wait since Donald Trump first imposed a travel ban on travellers from the UK an astounding 18 months ago!

The wait is over, as Joe Biden has just announced that the travel ban will soon come to an end, but passengers will require proof of having received two doses of an approved Covid-19 vaccine. Additionally, travellers will need to test negative for covid at least 72 hours before travelling to the US. To follow official updates, head to the UK government’s website.

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