These Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches Are The Cutest Easter Treat

It would be impossible to choose only one of these adorable Easter macaron ice cream sandwiches, so we’re getting them all.

The Easter bank holiday weekend is almost here, and we’ve never needed a sweet pick-me-up more than we do now. Luckily for us, London is the place to be for discovering new restaurants, creative dessert spots and out-of-the-box food trends from all over the world, even during the pandemic. So if you find yourself near Chinatown between Thursday and Sunday this week, head to Yolkin to pick up one (or all) of these too-cute-to-eat, limited edition Easter macaron ice cream sandwiches to go.

Yolkin specialises in Southeast Asian ice cream flavours and macaron ice cream sandwiches, and they’re always ready to wow us with seasonal goodies. This Easter holiday is no eggception.

Whether you’re five years old or 35, it’s hard to resist these adorable treats — especially once you’ve heard the tasty flavours behind them. If you haven’t yet marked your calendar with a stop at Yolkin this weekend, allow us to give you another nudge.

The flavour of these colourful sammies is quite easy to guess. They’re macarons filled with chocolate ice cream, topped with a nest of candy chocolate easter eggs. They’re basically every chocolate lover‘s dream.

These blushing little lamb macarons are ready to be filled with cookies & cream ice cream. With their tiny pink cheeks, they’re almost too cute to eat… but not quite.
Chinese candy connoisseurs will love the grey bunny sandwich as it’s filled with milky White Rabbit candy-flavoured ice cream.
Finally, the yellow chick macarons hold a thick layer of lemon cream cheese ice cream. It’s the perfect fruity spring flavour.

Naturally, the ice cream sandwiches are best eaten right away, but if you’re desperate to save one for later, here’s a pro tip from the owner: Bring a cooling bag and ice packs and ask your server for sandwiches that aren’t on display — they’re stored at a lower temperature and might help you get them home intact if you hurry up.

But that’s not all, because Yolkin has another frozen surprise in store: for a limited time only, you can get these Easter-themed meringue nests with vanilla bean soft serve, chocolate eggs, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce, topped with a mini macaron chick.

For those wondering, Yolkin’s Easter range is not dairy-free, but they do offer a “build your own macaron ice cream sandwich” option which you can fill with a scoop of their vegan ice cream flavours, like black sesame and mango mochi.

If you’re not crazy about ice cream sandwiches (apparently, this phenomenon exists…), Yoklin has some regular Easter macarons too, like these ones filled with buttercream. Since they’re not frozen, they travel a bit better, and make for a lovely Easter gift for close family and friends.

Location: 24 Rupert Street, W1D 6DQ. Nearest station is Piccadilly Circus. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: Currently, they are only open for takeaway from Thursday to Sunday, 1pm to 7pm.
Good to note: They take card payments only, contactless preferred. Right now, only four customers are permitted in the shop at any one time.
More information: from their Instagram page.

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