This Dreamy Outdoor Cinema Is Back For Another Summer Of Film Magic

Luna Cinema are back with an incredible lineup of summer showings.

Back in the distant past of 2008, an outdoor cinema set up in Dulwich Park for a viewing of Some Like It Hot. Quiet beginnings, sure, but that cinema has grown into one of the capital’s favourite summer events, and this summer, The Luna Cinema are back for an awesome London run once again. With over 150 screenings planned at 50 sites around the UK, there’s plenty to enjoy wherever you are – but as always, we reckon London is the place to be!

The Luna Cinema have screenings scheduled all over town in some of the most prestigious spaces like Kensington Palace, Houses of Parliament and Hampton Court Palace, with an array of films that will cater to all tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for a rocking singalong, want to settle in for a classic rom-com, or grab the popcorn for a true blockbuster experience, they’ll have you sorted. Oh, and to get you in the mood for an unforgettable summer of cinema, we’ve rounded up Secret London’s top picks for 2021, spotlighting The Luna Cinema events we reckon you need to see. Here’s where you’ll find them this summer, along with your tickets conveniently lined up.

Brockwell Park, Brixton (July 1 – 4)

The Luna Cinema
Black Panther © 2018 Marvel

The jewel of south London plays host to four outdoor screenings over the early July weekend, as The Luna Cinema kick off their London summer with four truly excellent films. Starting with Rian Johnson’s brilliant Knives Out, and moving onto classic rom-com Pretty Woman, the incomparable Grease, and 2018’s superhero mega-flick Black Panther, the summer will get off to a strong start. Find your tickets here.

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich (July 8 – 11)

The stunning surroundings of Greenwich’s historic Old Royal Naval College are your next destination. You’ll need to warm up the vocal cords for these showings, though, as The Greatest Showman and A Star Is Born will have you singing the hits all night long. Tickets available here.

Clapham Common (July 22 – 25)

Luna Cinema
Dirty Dancing © 1997 Artisan Pictures Inc

Prefer your cinemagoing experience to be a little grittier and moodier? Clapham Common is the place to be on July 22, as Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar-winning portrayal of the Joker hits the screen. Elsewhere, you’ll have the time of your life at Luan Cinema’s Dirty Dancing screening, and take the highway to the danger zone with Top Gun. Pick up some tickets here.

Westminster Abbey (July 29 – August 1)

The Luna Cinema

The Luna Cinema

Further showings of Knives Out and The Greatest Showman are available at Westminster Abbey this summer, but if you’re in the mood for a little variety, check out the showing of The Dark Knight on July 30. Oh, and we simply can’t overlook the presence of a film synonymous with London: Notting Hill. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts will dazzle you once again on August 1, and you can find tickets here.

Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster (August 3 – 5)

Luna Cinema
Romeo + Juliet © 1996 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

There’s a distinct Baz Luhrmann theme to the events at Victoria Tower Gardens. First up, you’ll catch a baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio in Luhrmann’s glitzy take on Romeo + Juliet, and the screenings here conclude with everyone’s favourite jukebox musical: Moulin Rouge! In between, Whoopi will be working her magic in Sister Act, meaning that for sheer joy, this round of screenings can’t be beaten. Grab your tickets here.

Kensington Palace (August 12 – 15)

Our final pick of The Luna Cinema’s London run has a royal flavour – and not just because Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is on the bill! Kensington Palace plays host to Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, and Gene Kelly’s joyous classic Singing in the Rain, rounding off our picks nicely. Tickets are available here.

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