This Lovely Italian Restaurant Has Gone Properly Overboard With The Christmas Decorations • Daphne’s

Daphne’s is here to put your Christmas decorations to shame.

When one giant slumbers, another awakens. At least, that’s apparently what’s happened in the battle to be considered London’s most extravagantly decorated restaurant this Christmas, because our usual champion 34 Mayfair (normally home to 14,000 decorations and flying Boris baubles last year) has taken a more relaxed, refined approach this year. Fear not though, because if it’s a proliferation of baubles you’re after, Daphne’s in South Kensington has stepped neatly in to fill the void. Behold!

Usually, Daphne’s is known for seasonal cooking and warm Italian hospitality, where pasta, grilled meats, and a special white truffle menu keep the punters happy. However, of late, those decorations have yanked the focus quite dramatically away from the food, festooning the ceilings with a breathtaking array of glittering, multi-coloured baubles. It’s a far cry from the restaurant’s usual look – for instance, here’s the before shot of their delightful conservatory:

And here’s what it looked like after the Christmas hurricane blew through:

If whoever was in charge of decorating this place could pop by and finish hanging my Christmas lights, I’d be much obliged… Whilst the rustic Italian décor is charming enough, we’ve never really been ones for subtlety here at Secret London, so the Christmas transformation easily wins our stamp of approval. Somehow, even the leopard-print bar stools seem elevated by the whirlwind of green, pink, and orange above – it shouldn’t work, but it really does.

Daphne’s has teamed up with the folks at Malfy Gin for a special, Christmassy cocktail range, and to sip on one of these delightful libations beneath a canopy of baubles should be a truly memorable experience. You know, if the eye-popping assault from above weren’t already doing that…

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