This Pop-Up IV Drip Café Is Here To Cure Your Christmas Party Hangovers

Ever been to a festival where they have those tents offering oxygen ‘hydration’ tubes to cure your sore head from the night before? Well, this Christmas edition in London is taking things one step further, with the help of IV drips.

Yes, an IV drip. If you sunk too many mulled wines the night before, a four-piece band of intravenous drips are available to soothe your aching body. Every Sunday throughout December and January, South Kensington Club is joining forces with Effect Doctors to give hungover Londoners the IV Café Pop-Up.

We all have our hangover cures; hell, you’ve probably tried about a dozen—be it a berocca (sensible), a bloody mary (hair of the dog); or lots and lots of fried food ingested in about 30 seconds (could go either way). South Kensington Club are, of course, providing some sustenance alongside their more scientific method in the form of juices.

Guests can enjoy a CPRESS juice in the Banya room as the IV drip courses through their body. Choose from refreshing cucumber mix, a nutritious carrot blend, and a clear Nan Hom Coconut water.

Juice can go some way to cure a vicious hangover, but what I’m sure you really want to hear about is the type of drips you can procure. At the IV Café you can nab yourself a Deluxe Recovery Drip, which is said to aid sleep and relieves nausea; or the Vitamin Infusion Drip, giving you a large dose of Vitamin B and boosting your energy.

There’s also an Immunity Booster Drip to give your immune system a healthy piggyback; and the Under The Weather Drip, which rehydrates patients and kills off pain. Each drip gives you a healthy boost of vitamins, and aims to see that hangover right off. I’m sure the craving for a Greggs sausage roll might remain, however.

Each Sunday, the South Kensington Club is transforming their Banya Room into a calming oasis, and you can book one of three hour-long sessions running between 10am and 1pm. Your juice comes included in the cost, which admittedly is pretty steep (£250) – but can you put a price on zapping that hangover away in an instant? Plus, you’ll be offered a sweet 25% off the day pass, allowing you to take advantage of the facilities which include spaces to work, exercise, eat and relax.

Book your Sunday space via the Effect Doctors website now. Read more about South Kensington Club here.

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