This Purrfect London Café Rescues Homeless Cats • Java Whiskers

Move over Pug Café, we’re busy adopting kitties from Java Whiskers.

Cat cafés aren’t exactly a rarity in London, and we honestly wouldn’t mind if all cafés had cats lounging around on the furniture. But we’re always on board when it comes to rescuing animals in need, so we thought we’d put our city’s latest cat café on your radar. Java Whiskers, Sweden’s first cat café offering adoption, was due to open in Marylebone in the spring of 2020, but had to delay its debut due to the pandemic. It’s finally open to the public now, and nine adorable kitties are waiting to be cuddled!

The café has a clear vision for both the animals they foster and the humans who visit. Java Whiskers works with ‘The Scratching Post’ cat rescue shelter, and takes in and cares for nine homeless cats at a time, which are then open for adoption by guests. According to Susan Delaney, who runs the shelter, there is an ever-growing population of unwanted cats in and around London, which is something the collaboration is working to combat.

At the same time, the cat café is also beneficial to visitors: It’s known that spending time with cats works wonders for the mind and body, so our four-legged friends provide us with the benefits of ‘feline therapy’.

Tobias Larsson, co-founder of Java Whiskers, said: “We want to create a great environment for both the cats and humans that is calm and comfortable but also very healing. The café has two primary objectives: to improve the mental health and wellbeing of its visitors and to reduce the rate of cat homelessness.”

In case you needed any more convincing, here’s what awaits you at Java Whiskers:

A super cosy café with beautiful interiors…

Can you spot the first cat lurking in the shadows?

Not that we need it now, but there’s a fireplace, plus cats to cuddle with!

Cold days in London suddenly don’t sound so bad anymore.

At Java Whiskers, you’ll find cats snuggling on sofas…

Kitties on tabletops…

Cats threatening to steal your pastries…

And loving kitty kisses to make up for it.

The coffee and food are delicious…

But the greatest part is, these babies are up for adoption! Who can say no to this little face???

Customers are asked to book a time slot prior to visiting, and need to follow certain rules at the café in order to keep the cats safe and happy. COVID-19 measures are currently still in place to ensure safe social distancing. Find more information on Java Whiskers’ website, and learn more about The Scratching Post here.

In the meantime, this purrfect digital exhibition teaches you the history of cats.

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