This Shoreditch Pop Up Is An Epic Volcano-Themed Obstacle Course And Cocktail Bar

Fancy yourself a bit of a thrill seeker? A trip to The Lava Bar might be just what you need. This adventurous bar in the heart of Shoreditch is brought to you by Reyka Vodka, the spirit that hails all the way from Iceland – a country that is home to ice floes, hot springs and mega volcanoes. And to celebrate its unique heritage, Reyka Vodka is bringing you an obstacle course bar inspired by the epic Icelandic landscape… Join an elite team of seismic-inspired scientists known as the Reyka Volcanology Unit as they search for rare volcanic rocks and refreshing cocktails.

At The Lava Bar ​​you’ll need to work together to navigate adventurous hazards, dodge the flying pyroclastic rocks and find your way out of the hazy radiation maze, as you step across molten rocks in search of rare volcanic rocks (oh, and you might need to rescue a few puffins on the way). Those who complete the daring course successfully will be rewarded with delicious cocktails at Reyka’s Lava Bar! Just remember, please sip Reyka responsibly and never drink before an adventure. There’ll be plenty of time to raise a toast after you make it past the obstacle course!

The Lava Bar

The Lava Bar

Join the challenge between Thursday 21 – Saturday 23 October at this quirky Shoreditch pop-up, located at the Truman Brewery. With a fun storyline, wild obstacle course, delicious cocktails and many Insta photo opportunities, a night with Reyka Vodka promises to be full of Icelandic fun.

Tickets are available to book here

This immersive and utterly Icelandic experience is all centred around the heritage that makes Reyka Vodka so unique. This one-of-a-kind vodka is made using some of the purest water in the world, sourced from a glacial spring that runs through a 4000-year-old lava field. The vodka then undergoes a volcanic filtration process where it’s filtered through lava rocks to give it the crispest, cleanest taste. And let’s not forget that the whole distillery is powered by geothermal energy from underground volcanoes – environmentally friendly and just generally pretty cool!

The ice, volcanoes and adventurous spirit of Iceland all lie at the heart of Reyka Vodka and you’ll get to experience some of that surreal Icelandic world through this epic pop-up bar. In another year of interrupted travel, Reyka will bring a true taste of Iceland to London – so, what are you waiting for?

Adventurers and cocktail lovers – book your slot at The Lava Bar now!

Tickets are available to purchase here. 18+ only with valid ID. Please sip Reyka responsibly and never drink before an adventure.

The Lava Bar: Icelandic Cocktail Experience with Obstacle Course!

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