This Soho Favourite Is Serving Deep-Fried Ferrero Rocher For Christmas

They say the British will deep fry just about anything, from sausages to mars bars. As its Christmas, it would only be right for somewhere to deep fry some festive chocolates; and one of London’s favourite fish and chips gaffs has stepped up to the plate fryer.

Poppies have unveiled their latest creation, tempting passers by in Soho to swap the bog-standard box of Christmassy chocolate for a portion of Ferrero Rocher… chip shop style.

Image: Poppies

Between December 10-24, festive revellers can stumble in after the pub and have a snack that dabbles in both sweet and savoury thanks to the deep fat frier. Battered desserts following a Christmas party surely won’t go amiss, either…

Oh, and you can expect them to be top quality, since this isn’t Poppies’ first rodeo on this beat. In past years. Poppies have unleashed a plethora of deep-fried Christmas concoctions, including Brussels sprouts, Quality Streets, and pigs in blankets. All hits, no misses, in our opinion—and nothing seems to be changing with the addition of battered Ferrero Rochers to their festive accolades.

Image: Poppies

Ferraro Rocher’s hazelnut and chocolatey dream is already a lavish Christmas treat, and adding that extra-indulgent layer of batter is a sure-fire method to prove a hit with Poppies customers.

Speaking on the genius creatin, the late Pops’ son Danny Newland said: “We love everything about Christmas and have great fun every year creating a new homage to one of the season’s essentials.

“Deep frying these golden balls in our tasty batter delivers everything you need from a decadent Christmas bite – warm chocolate, hazelnuts, a bit of crunch and then a melt in your mouth moment. It’s like a chippy’s hot chocolate and we think the Ambassador’s guests would have loved it!”

Intrigued? Morbidly curious? Desperate to get any kind of deep-fried chocolate in your belly? Head to Poppies Soho between December 10-24 to nab your portion for £3.75.

Find it at 55-59 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HW.

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