This Year’s Carnaby Street Christmas Lights Bear A Message Of Change And Hope

The magical Carnaby Street Christmas lights have received a lovely new makeover.

You’ve got to give Carnaby Street credit, as they continually find ways to up their Christmas lights game. Having delivered these impressive Bohemian Rhapsody lights in 2018, they went ahead and topped it in 2019 with a vivid Christmas lights display made from recycled materials that celebrated the world’s oceans. In 2020, the Carnaby Christmas lights spread a message of solidarity, hope and connection — all things that were much needed last year — that shone bright above Soho for the winter.

Fast forward to 2021, and yet another spectacular lights display is illuminating the night! This year’s Carnaby Christmas lights are created in collaboration with the Choose Love charity, who work tirelessly to raise funds and much-needed amenities for refugees and displaced people across the globe. They run a charity pop-up show in Carnaby each year, and now their brand new display is gracing the skies above shoppers.

Carnaby Kaleidoscope, as they call it this year, features hundreds of shimmering neon butterflies. But they don’t only look magical, they also carry a heartwarming message of spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope, and life. Just like last year’s display, the message gains particular importance given the times we’re having, and illuminates the dark, cold winter nights this season.

The 600 colourful 3D and 2D butterflies span the length of Carnaby Street, Foubert’s Place and Newburgh Street, and each one has been hand decorated with reflective wings and neon patterns. The Carnaby Arch has also been transformed by the fluttering beauties, so make sure to pop on down to Carnaby Street to see them sprinkle a little Christmas magic over Soho!

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