Twitter Is Currently Debating The Most-Hated London Neighbourhood

The battle for London’s most-hated neighbourhood is on, and the contenders are lining up in their droves.

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day, so naturally it’s the perfect time to hate on the parts of London that you dislike, disdain, or have generally been wronged by sometime in the past decade. London’s most-hated neighbourhood is a contentious issue, but author and political journalist Marie Le Conte fearlessly went there, posing the provocative question on Twitter earlier today.

Stop. Just stop right there, and focus on the name that’s just popped into your mind, unbidden. Because chances are you’re all thinking of the same place, the London neighbourhood that’s easiest to hate, simply because it presents the biggest, most obvious, and slowest-moving target. Yes, I am of course referring to…

Yes, poor old Clapham – or Wankerville, as it is oft affectionately known – once again drew a lot of immediate flak in the battle for London’s most-hated neighbourhood. It’s also inspiring a fair bit of soul-searching from yours truly, since it’s where I live, and one tweet in particular seemed engineered to target me personally:

My apparently awful life choices aside – realising you’re a walking cliche is heavy weather for a Wednesday – enough people had agreed for “Clapham” to be briefly trending on Twitter earlier today. So ubiquitous was the scorn that Clapham was even roped to provide sick burns for other unfortunate parts of town:

All of the above was, admittedly, unsurprising (admit it, that’s where your mind went too), but Clapham actually had a fair amount of competition when it came to snagging the title of most-hated neighbourhood. Perhaps in deference to the original tweet, punters lined up to take shots at Stoke Newington.

Meanwhile, some people spurned the “neighbourhood” angle and just went in on a big ol’ slice of London.

In their haste to condemn the entirety of West London, these fine folks forgot the first rule of the game: finding the flimsiest reason possible. Which did provide some illuminating and hilarious answers.

(To be fair, that one is perfectly understandable.)

Oh, and if you think your neighbourhood escaped unscathed, think again, because this circular firing squad has the whole city in its sights.

Care to expand on that?

But of course, all destinations and reasons paled in comparison to this show-stopping tweet:

Of course, here at Secret London we love all London neighbourhoods and boroughs equally, and that shall remain the official party line. Meanwhile, I’m off to SpareRoom now for reasons that have nothing to do with this thread. Nothing at all…

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