Wetherspoons Is Offering 99p Pints Just In Time For Winter

Yes, you read that correctly: ‘Spoons is selling pints for 99p.

I never thought I’d see the day where a pint of beer cost less than a loaf of bread–especially in London–but anything is possible these days. Throughout the whole of November, Wetherspoons pubs in England will offer selected drinks for under £1!

A pint of Ruddles Best or Greene King IPA – or a dram of whisky – will cost punters just 99p between November 1-30. A bottle of Becks will also cost less than a quid, as will all refillable hot drinks in the pub chain. This will apply to 671 pubs across England, with 99 Scotland pubs serving up pints of real ale for £1.10, due to minimum unit costs.

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It comes after pub bosses across the country admitted that prices of alcohol would likely rise to cover the raft of issues that face pubs in Britain – from rising energy bills, food inflation and labour costs.

Clive Watson, executive chairman of, told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that an average pint of beer could rise by as much as 30p.

Despite this, Wetherspoons have pledged to keep their low prices going. The chain’s owner Tim Martin said: “Our pubs are known for their excellent choice of drinks at value-for-money prices at all times.

“Throughout November our customers will be able to choose from a great choice of drinks and save themselves some money too.”

What can you enjoy as part of this offer?

  • All hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc.) will cost 99p with free refills.
  • 671 pubs will offer three different kinds of alcoholic drinks for 99p each: a pint of Ruddles Best (or Greene King IPA at some locations), a bottle of Beck’s and a Bell’s whisky (25ml measure) including mixer.
  • 99 pubs will offer a pint of real ale for £1.10 with the bottle of Beck’s and a Bell’s whisky (25ml measure) including a mixer at 99p each.

Where can I find this offer?

Find your nearest Wetherspoons here.

When does this offer end?

This offer runs from November 1-30, 2021.

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