You Can Bring Your Pup To This Doggy Drive In Movie Night

If you and your pup have become inseparable during lockdown, this doggy drive in film club is the perfect dog-friendly night out.

After being stuck at home for a year, it’s no wonder we’ve become even more attached to our pets (probably more so than the other way around…). So as restaurants slowly reopen, non-essential shops welcome us back, and events in the city return, it may be harder than expected to leave our furry friends behind while we hit the town for the first time in ages. Luckily, many places are dog-friendly and won’t mind you bringing your pup along, but some go the extra mile to make sure you’re both happy: To celebrate National Pet Month, this doggy drive in film club will pamper your pup with treats, drinks, and special dog TV pre-screening. Get your tickets for Sunday, May 2, here. They are available for two different locations, including Alexandra Palace and Sandown Park.

We’ve all missed a good night out at the cinema, but if we’re being honest, we’ve also become used to snuggling up to our pets on the couch watching Netflix. So, if you’re looking for a fun (and pandemic-friendly) Sunday activity which allows you to bring your dog along, look no further.

This doggy drive in film club welcomes you and your puppy for a screening of Scoob!, Ratatouille, or Isle of Dogs (ha), but that’s not even the best part. While stocks last, they also offer free pup popcorn courtesy of Yappy, Posh Pooch Drinks from Woof and Brew, and dogilicious cake from The Barking Bakery. Humans can bring their own food, or purchase cinema snacks and beverages on-site (after all, it’s not National Human Month). Your VIPs (very important pups) are also encouraged to dress up, to match the comedy pet-themed outfits worn by the film club’s skaters.

Drive In Film Club skaters serving snacks to guests in their car

Drive In Film Club skaters serving snacks to guests in their car

Not a pet owner, but still a fan of drive in cinema? On April 23, you can celebrate St George’s Day with a screening of The Parent Trap or Spice World at Brent Cross. The lovely English-themed movie night will be filled with bunting, St George’s flags, bowler hats, knights, dragons, and real-life skating knights to deliver cinema snacks to your car. You can get your tickets here.

Last but not least, if you’d rather partake in a groovy ’80s weekender drive in film club, you can head to Brent Cross between Friday, April 30, and Sunday, May 2, for screenings of ’80s classics like E.T., A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Goonies, The Princess Bride, and more. Don’t hesistate to show up wearing your funkiest outfit for the full ’80s experience (retro sweets and neon-clad skaters included!). Get your tickets here.

Doggy Drive In Film Club

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