You Can Now Buy One Of London’s Skinniest Houses, And It Even Has A ‘Secret Garden’

A tight squeeze but you get a garden.

We all know that London’s housing market will find some way to take pretty much all of your pennies home with it every month. Whether your buying or renting, prices in the capital for a place to live just seem to go up and up with each passing millisecond. Therefore, in a bid to save some coins, many are forced to opt for smaller living spaces than they’d like.

However, at this one such small property, there’s quite an endearing quality to it. Take a look at this super skinny house, that sits unassumingly on a south-west London street. It nestles cosily between two larger neighbours and, while obviously being a tight squeeze, it still piques one’s interest with the prospect of its very own “secret garden”.

Image: Sceon+Berne

According Sarah Southgate, the property’s owner since 2014, the garden is “probably double the width of the actual house”. So, if you’re an outdoorsy type of person, this two-bedroom flat might serve a purpose for you. Just hope that the weather actually picks up soon, mind. If the heavens continue to open everyday, you’ll be pretty much confined to the inside which boasts an average of *checks notes*, eight foot of width indoors. That’s skinnier than a routemaster bus.

Unbelievably, what you see today is actually an upgrade in size of what it was until recently! It’s now been upgraded to a two-bedroom house from a 1.5-bedroom house, after a two-metre extension to the back bedroom.

Image: Sceon+Berne

From what it looks like, walking through the kitchen out to the “deceptively large” garden is possibly something akin to the wardrobe that leads into Narnia. You’d need to book in a viewing to confirm that, though. The inside is suitably swanky too, offering buyers a modern kitchen comfortable-looking, albeit a little slim, living space. Plus, there’s a sizeable storage space in the basement area.

According to Estate Agents Sceon+Berne, who have sold the property multiple times, the house is best suited to a young couple or single professional, with creative and media types loving it.

Check out the full details of the property, which is situated in Barnes, right here. This baby will set you back around £775,000. But, you know, the market is characterised by slim pickings right now.

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