You Can See An Incredible Display Of The Northern Lights In London This Winter

You won’t have to travel further than the City of London to see the Northern Lights this winter.

Remember when the Northern Lights shone over the Tower of London a few years ago? No? Okay fine, it wasn’t the actual aurora borealis, but something that came pretty darn close to the real thing. More recently, the lights appeared again over the summer during the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, lighting up the night sky above the Old Royal Naval College.

If you missed the incredible moment, you’re in luck: the stunning ‘Borealis’ from renowned artist Dan Acher is once again returning to London, as part of the Mayor of London’s newly-launched Winter Lights season. You’ll find it at Guildhall Yard from December 11 – 22, and free tickets are on sale now!

Acher’s art installation has wowed onlookers all over the world, recreating one of our planet’s natural phenomenons in places where it wouldn’t normally occur. It may not be quite the same experience as you’d get in Scandinavia or Alaska, but anyone who has ever dreamt of seeing the spectacular polar lights will love ‘Borealis‘. The best part is, it’s entirely free to visit!

Northern Lights in Greenwich: Dan Acher's art installation returns to London this summer
Photo: Chloe Elizabeth

Apart from Borealis, the Mayor’s Winter Lights programme will feature a whole line-up of spectacular light shows and outdoor pop-ups, including an animal-themed winter light display at the Tower of London and Canary Wharf’s free Winter Lights festival. You can find the full ‘Let’s Do London’ Winter Lights programme here.

Get your free ticket here to see Borealis at Guildhall Yard from December 11 – 22, between 5:30pm and 10:00pm each evening.

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