You Can Sleepover With A Miniature Horse At This 17th Century Manor

There are countless animals to cuddle at this Airbnb!

It’s common knowledge that cuddling animals can be so soothing for the soul, and this Airbnb in Thurgarton really takes it to the next level. The stay is situated in a sprawling 60 acre, 17th-century manor in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, and it sounds like the perfect place to relax amongst nature. (Featured images: Airbnb)

What’s more, the stunning location is just the backdrop to an amazing experience because on this lovely farm they keep a whole host of amazing animals and they’re all beloved pets, yearning for some snuggles with their human guests.

Photo: Airbnb

The farm is home to Highland cows, Hebridean sheep, chickens, horses, and even Norweigan Forrest cats. If you’ve never heard of Norweigan Forrest cats before, they are basically cuddles incarnate, with gorgeous long fur and the friendliest temperament.

Now comes the best bit – in the farm’s stable lives a miniature horse named Basil, and the guest room is actually adjoined with the stable. So, whilst you’re snuggling down under the duvet, Basil the miniature horse will be just feet from you getting comfy in the hay.

Photo: Airbnb

This wonderful experience is so unique. When else are you likely to see a miniature horse just pop his head into your room for a pat on the muzzle? Plus, there are sometimes baby lambs in the stable, so it’s basically an animal-lover’s paradise.

You can book your stay with Basil on the Airbnb site, and the rules on travel within the UK are explained on the government website.

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