10 Olympic-Inspired Activities To Get Your Game On This Summer

If the 2024 Olympic Games are inspiring you to get moving and channel your inner athlete, we’ve got you. Let’s be honest, you might not be able to go from zero to Team GB hero in 5 minutes, but what you can do is enjoy some athletic summer challenges with your friends that are sure to create lasting, golden memories.

We’ve put our heads together with Corona Cero, the official beer of the 2024 Olympic Games, to present 10 variations on our favorite Olympic summer sports for you to recreate this summer. Find a thrill in some friendly competition with these Olympic-inspired activities, and then celebrate your wins with a refreshing Corona Cero, of course!

1. From Discus to Frisbee

There are many Athletics events that leave our jaws on the floor, and the discus throw is just one of them. It requires a sheer physical power that is almost superhuman… but a nod to the sport that might be slightly lower stakes is frisbee! Round up your mates at the park and watch as your casual throws become friendly competition. Keep the camaraderie alive with cold Corona Ceros for everyone!

olympic-inspired activities

olympic-inspired activities

2. From Baseball to Rounders

Embrace the childhood nostalgia of rounders this summer, a classic ball-and-bat game that’s the ideal substitute for Olympic level baseball. The rules are easier to explain and the bats are lighter making it an amazing substitute that is guaranteed fun. So put your team together and, as they say, play ball.

3. From Gymnastics to Aerial Yoga or a Bungee Exercise Class

Combining the strength and flexibility of Olympic gymnastics with the fun of mid-air suspension, aerial yoga and bungee exercise classes are also a great substitute for those looking to break a sweat while having a blast. Plus, with the refreshing taste of Corona Cero waiting for you post-gravity defying class, you’re sure to enjoy the perfect blend of fitness and fun.

olympic-inspired activities

olympic-inspired activities

4. From Beach Volleyball to…Beach Volleyball

Okay, this one’s on here because we bet you didn’t know that you can play beach volleyball in London as we are notoriously beachless in this city. But Deep Dish in Crystal Palace has those sandy courts just waiting for you, and while we can’t always promise there will be sun – you can still enjoy an exhilarating match. Just be sure to treat yourself and your squad to ice cold Corona Ceros after the game.

5. From Tennis to Padel

Padel has been having such a moment recently, and we think it’s the perfect swap for Olympic Tennis. Played on a smaller court (of which there are loads around London), it combines tennis strategy with the quick reflexes of squash. There’s no doubt your family and friends will channel their inner Olympic athletes with this fast-paced game – loser buys everyone Corona Ceros.

olympic-inspired activities

olympic-inspired activities

6. From Trampoline to a Trampoline Dance Workout

Bounce into a new level of fun with a trampoline dance workout, an energetic alternative to Olympic trampolining. You might not be doing tricks and spins through the air like the Team GB athletes, but you will be getting an excellent workout whilst enjoying a little boogie. It’s a spectacular way to get everyone moving, and you can wind down afterwards with a Corona Cero or wind back up again and keep the dance party going!

Boating on the lake

7. From Sailing to Pedalos and GoBoats

For a leisurely twist on Olympic sailing that requires little to no technique but still provides endless entertainment, hop onto a pedalo or book a GoBoat and set off onto the water. Cruise through the lakes and ponds of London’s parks and soak up those golden hour rays – with GoBoat you can even pack a picnic with snacks to keep you going. Don’t forget the Corona Cero!

olympic-inspired activities

olympic-inspired activities

8. From Equestrian to Horse Riding Classes

The sleek elegance of the Olympic Equestrian events might not be replicated exactly in beginner riding classes, but it’s step one on the journey! If you’re looking to try a new sport, why not pick one where you can also connect with these magnificent animals along the way? We hear that riding can be a real workout though, so make sure you reward yourself with a Corona Cero on your dismount.

9. From Archery to…Archery

Again, we’ve included archery in this list because we just bet you didn’t think you could take on this niche Olympic sport in London, but there are actually loads of spots in the city to try your hand at archery classes! If you think of yourself as a bit of a whizz at darts, why not aim a little bigger this summer and pick up a bow and arrow. And, after hitting (or missing!) a target or two, raise your Corona Ceros in celebration of trying something new.

olympic-inspired activities

olympic-inspired activities

10. From the Canoe Slalom to White Water Rafting

Take your aquatic activities to the next level by going white water rafting at Lee Valley White Water Centre. This heart-racing alternative to the Olympic Canoe Slalom offers thrilling team challenges as you navigate turbulent waters. And no matter how wild the white water rafting experience, you’ll have plenty of memories to share with friends afterward over a Corona Cero or two.

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