A Giant New Open-Air Rooftop Venue Is Coming To Brixton

London is no stranger to a bar up high, but this newest one is set to arrive as the largest open-air rooftop venue in the entire city. Freight is due to open up in Brixton on July 5, offering a space for 1,000 attendees to enjoy the summer as intended: on top of a roof, in the sun, and well-fed (with beer in tow).

Promising to celebrate community, culture and music, Freight is sat right by Brixton Village in the heart of South London and will bring together chefs, winemakers, emerging musicians & artists and more to deliver a space for all.

What can we expect to enjoy at Freight Brixton?

Carefully curated nights will be on the agenda at Freight, with plenty of live performances and DJ sets on the way as well as boozy themed brunches, football screenings (more on that later), jazz nights and lots more.

On top of boasting big tunes and their status as the largest open-air rooftop venue in the city, Freight will (rightly) shouting about their food. They’ve got plenty of chef residencies lined up from names including Robin Gill, Ruben’s Reubens, Breddos Tacos, Rice Paddy and more, with a selection of street food vendors on rotation, depending on the season.

When it comes to the drinks, we’ll also be well looked after at Freight Brixton. There will be two open-air cocktails bars: Hotel Campari will serve up multiple takes on the beloved Negroni; while the House of Friends Tequila Bar is dedicated to – you guessed it – Tequila, serving up signature and frozen variants of palomas and margaritas.

If you don’t fancy a cocktail, there’s no reason to fret, as Sergio Verillo from Battersea’s winery Blackbook will be on hand to give us the tasty, fermented grape goodness. He’ll even be up to more at the new rooftop, with tastings, collaboration dinners with chefs, and a live rooftop podcast in the works for Freight.

It’s a conveniently-timed arrival, too, as Freight Brixton opens slap in the middle of the business end of EURO 2024. They’ve got a festival of football lined up from when they open, right up until the final on July 14. That’ll be as good a time as any to sink a few Brixton brewery bevs, who have partnered up with the venue!

Freight Brixton is set to open on July 5, and you can can an eye on what they’re up to at their website.

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